Household color visualvisual intercom doorbell +night vision waterprooftwo to four

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Household color visual/visual intercom doorbell with night vision waterproof/two to four

Apply to the luxury villas, household use, visiting guests a ring the bell in the outside, indoor machine automatically open image, press the indoor machine response with visitors on the phone, gently press lock button, electric control lock automatically open, don't have to run to the door to open the door, when standby at ordinary times, according to the monitoring key, you can monitor the external environment,Don't disturb, indoor two-way intercom function.

Functional features:

1, the mini aluminium alloy outdoor paint perfect design

2,7"TFTLiquid crystal display (LCD), no radiation, low power consumption, high-definition wide-screen images.

3, calling function.

4, electric control lock function.

5, have the functions of monitoring outdoor.

6, image brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted.

7, anti-oxidation and wear-resisting outdoor parts surface treatment of aluminum alloy.

8, indoor machine, ultra-thin design, all show luxurious style.

9,16Species and twang optional, don't always hear drab doorbell.

The performance parameters:

1, power supply:AC220V - 50 hz DC15V 1.2 A

2, the machine current: less than800 ma

3, call delay time:120 s plus or minus 10%

4, monitoring, delay time: 60 s + / - 10%

5, the camera sensor:A quarter of a SHARP CCD line 420

6, lens: 3.6 mm92The degree of

7, with outdoor infrared night vision function

8, indoor machine appearance size:(H) 165 x 235 x (D) (W) 35 mm

9,The overall dimensions: outdoor52 x 125 x (W) (H) (D) 30 mm

10, indoor and outdoor installation: wall

11, lines:5Conductor (supportingTerminal 5 m, 5)+ 2Conductor lock line (matchingterminal)

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