MHL to HDMI adapterMHL cable mobile TV i9108 S2 I9100 I9200

MHL to HDMI adapter/MHL cable mobile TV i9108 / S2 I9100 I9200
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Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is a kind of portable consumer electronics devices to connect audio and video standard interface , MHL using only one signal cable, through standard interfaces can be presented to the HDMI input on your HDTV . It uses the existing Micro USB interface , whether mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras and portable media players, the complete media content can be transmitted directly to the TV does not damage the video resolution effect.
MHL technology features
1 Mini-USB compatible interface developed based on high-definition audio and video signals can be transmitted standards currently supports to 720p/1080i/1080P.

(2) by the receiver ( usually television ) to the sender ( typically a cell phone ) to provide 5V power supply for charging .

3 USB capabilities . HDMI interface , USB interface, three -in-one charging port , effectively reducing the number of interfaces on the device .

With portable devices especially on mobile phones as the representative of intelligent, high-capacity development, not only as a camcorder , camera or even U disk are its alternative , in which the DV video , photos, online video , movies, learning materials , and so everything . But the screen is too small and limited to audio and other reasons , with family, friends , colleagues to share happiness of man can not do . MHL devices available to make your dreams a reality. It can not only support up 1080P/60Hz full format HD quality output , and its audio up to 192KHz support the latest standards -compliant 7.1-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation ) surround sound and compressed audio . A small size of the MHL Adapter + an HDMI high-definition signal transmission line to your family life fun.

Help :
1, MHL must be an external power supply (5V 1A above ) , or can not output to HDMI,
2 , connected after the MHL cable , you must restart your phone , remember, the first time must take the MHL cable plugged into the phone above restart the phone , otherwise no HDMI output
3, MHL output does not need any settings, restart the phone after the automatic output
4, MHL cable connected later , the phone will be displayed above the HDMI logo ( part of the phone will not display ) , will be displayed on the phone is being charged .
5 , the perfect support 1080P output
6, MHL is a universal standard , are common ! ( As long as you have a mobile phone can support MHL protocol )
7 , after the mobile phone such as brush ROM may not support MHL output.
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