Ultra Thin RFID UHF Desktop 40cm Reader Writer USB EPC 96-bit 18000 860-960 MHz #deskuhf


Ultra-Thin RFID UHF Desktop Reader Writer USB EPC 18000 860-960 MHz

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OS811 desktop USB reader/writer is a compact, lightweight and portable integrated UHF RFID device used to read tags and write data into tags in short distance especially indoor like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers or libraries. Its ultra-thin and trendy design makes the reader writer the lightest and most user-friendly RFID UHF reader writer choice of the market.

To tie in with the user in the background or issuing management center management, and the production of UHF band RFID desktop issuing devices, access control reader for non-contact remote reader, is preclude the use of advanced radio frequency receiver circuit design and embedded microcontrollers, combined with efficient decoding algorithms, access control reader to complete the high performance characteristics of the EPC (GEN 2) receiving the card, with a high-sensitivity receiver, operating current, single DC power supply, low price, . Access control reader for a variety of RFID applications access control, attendance, fees, security and so on. This product can be readers, writing cards, authorization, formatting and other operations, is compatible with multi-protocol, small volume, fast read rate, multi-tag reading, etc., can be widely used in various RFID systems, UHF -RFID passive remote reader Typical applications have:

☆ logistics and warehouse management: Goods flow, warehouse management, and e-mail, parcels, luggage and other transportation liquidity management;
☆ Intelligent Parking Management: Management and parking fees ; automated
production line
☆ management: production process to identify the sentinel;
☆ anti-counterfeiting detection: the use of the tag memory write protection feature, the authenticity of the product for identification;
☆ other areas: in club management, library, student enrollment, consumption management, time and attendance management, dinner management, pool management systems have been widely used.

  • For tag programming and document management as a integrated reader
  • PC interface via USB
  • Demo programme FREE provided
  • Easy data transfer
  • SDK Kit available for programmers
  • Relative long range reading for desktop reader (about 40cm)
  • Made of world-class brand name chipset from recognized chipset design from Europe.


When desktop RFID card dispenser | electric buzzer after the issuing machine will beep indicates the start of the work, when the card close to the desktop RFID card dispenser | when issuing machine, the buzzer sounds, said sending data, the same IC card read twice the interval between the cards can be set by software. After the reader, if the IC card is still in RF card reader will be in the region without any prompts, not sending data, but over the interval of time or a different ID cards were entered by the district range RF card, the card reader continuously read card, and outputs the data.

The desktop RFID card dispenser | issuing machine to read card data using radio frequency induction, try to avoid the use of metal close when the reader close to the metal, radio waves will be absorbed by the metal shield, which will lead the reader to shorten the distance. Meanwhile desktop RFID card dispenser | issuing machine installation location away from the motor (motor), transformers and other equipment, to reduce desktop RFID card dispenser | impact of issuing machines.

The desktop RFID card dispenser | issuing machine can be used with OS-0211, OS-0311 or compatible device using Wiegand 26bits/Wiegand 26bits/RS485/USB standard format.

The desktop RFID card dispenser | issuing machine is mainly used in the parking facilities for issuing management.

The desktop RFID card dispenser | issuing machine provides SDK development kit, and with VB and VC demonstration program.


  • Frequency Range: 860 and 960 bands available (please mention to us which you want when place your order).
  • Operation Mode: Fixed Frequency or FHSS, Software Programmable
  • RF Power Output Range: +15dBm~+30dBm  Factory Default :+25dBm
  • Interior Antenna: 2dBi Linear Polarization, or 2dBi Circular Polarization
  • Compatible Types of Tag: EPC C1 G2 (ISO18000-6C), or ISO18000-6B
  • Reading range: Within about 40cm
  • Communication Ports: USB
  • Power Supply: DC 5V
  • Dimension: 130mm×82mm×12mm (just 2 credit card size)
  • Operation Temperature: -20℃~+55℃
  • Storage Temperature: -45℃~+85℃
  • 1 x usb reader
  • SDK (available for download)
More Information:
  • Available programming language inside SDK : Java, Delphi, .Net and C#.
  • Wide variety of RFID tags of different packaging are available for wide range of application.

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