Photo storage 7 video intercom doorbellhousehold color visualhd storagetwo drag four

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Photo storage 7 "video intercom doorbell/household color visual/hd storage/two drag four

Product modelType: SY802MADVR11 photo LCD visual doorbell

This product is used for luxury villas, family homes, office buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings and other places use;Convenient visiting guests, and to strengthen the security, to provide you with safe and secure living environment. 

withPhoto storageFunction: when someone according to ring the bell, the door will automatically the image photographed, up to 200 images can be stored, indoor machine operation, and then know the visitors and the visiting time, photo will automatically one after full coverage.Can also delete you don't save the image.

Function characteristics:
1, the hd 420 line, outdoor aluminum panel design,
2, and 7 inch TFT LCD, no radiation, low power consumption, high-definition wide-screen images.
3, calling function.
4, electric control lock function.
5, have the functions of monitoring outdoor.
6, image brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted.
7, anti-oxidation and wear-resisting outdoor parts surface treatment of aluminum alloy.
8, indoor machine, ultra-thin design, all show luxurious style.
9, 16, and twang optional, don't always hear the monotony of the doorbell.
The performance parameters:
1, the input voltage: AC220V - 50 hz
2, the output voltage: AC15V
3, the output current: 1200 ma
4, call delay time: 120 s plus or minus 10%
5, monitoring, delay time: 60 s plus or minus 10%
6, the camera sensor: CMOS 420 line
7, lens: 3.6 MM90 degrees
8, with outdoor infrared night vision function. Six infrared lamp.
9: (H), indoor machine appearance size 165 x 235 x (D) (W) 28 mm
10, outdoor surface size: 118 * 87 mm
Installation size: 127 * 95 * 34 mm (actual size)
Installation: installed on the door or embedded.
11, indoor installation method: wall
12, lines: 4 core supporting (1) of article 5 m + 2 conductor lock line (supporting terminal line 1)
13. The switch power supply four 15 v1. 2 a
14. Screw package (form a complete set of 4 package)
15. Hangs Taiwan four
16. The instruction
17. Color box packaging
18 and effective distance: 100 m (6 * 1.0 m ㎡)
Indoor and outdoor installation method: wall

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