Photo storage 7 video intercom doorbellhousehold color visualhd storageyituo three

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Photo storage 7 "video intercom doorbell/household color visual/hd storage/yituo three

Functional features:

1, the aluminum alloy die casting perfect outdoor waterproof design

2,7"TFTLiquid crystal display (LCD), no radiation, low power consumption, high-definition wide-screen images.

3, calling function.

4, electric control lock function.

5, have the functions of monitoring outdoor.

6, image brightness, chroma and volume can be adjusted.

7, anti-oxidation and wear-resisting outdoor parts surface treatment of aluminum alloy.

8, indoor machine, ultra-thin design, all show luxurious style.

9,12Species and twang optional, don't always hear drab doorbell.

10, don't disturb, indoor intercom function

The performance parameters:

1. Communication:AC110-220 - v, 50 hz 

2, the machine current: less than800 ma

3, call delay time:120 s plus or minus 10%

4, monitoring, delay time: 60 s + / - 10%

5, the camera sensor:A quarter PC1030 420 line

6, lens: 3.6 mm92The degree of

7, with outdoor infrared night vision function

8, the size of the indoor machine: 260 * 160 * 26 mm

9, the dimension (H) outdoor 180 x 105 x (D) (W) 55 mm

10, indoor and outdoor installation: wall, installation is convenient

Random accessories:

1, switching power supply: 3, to indoor machine power supply.

2, the instruction: a

3, lines:4Conductor (supporting5 meters)+ 2Conductor lock line (matchingTerminal)

4, the self-contained silk package: 3 packages

Wire requirements:

1, 30 meters can be used more than five kinds of cable.

Please cloth 0 30 metres away.More than 5 square five core.

More than 70 meters, please use a scale of 0.More than 75 square pure copper wire.


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