PoE Splitter 802.3af Metal Case 48V to 12V Switch-able 12W

PoE Splitter 802.3af Metal Case 48V to 12V Switch-able 12W
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Product Introduction 
Power over Ethernet POE range of products by unshielded twisted pair UTP transmission Vcc and GND DC transmission, the transmission of data at the same time, the product is reliable, easy to install. The network equipment side only through an RJ45 network connection, transfer data and power, easy to manage. Because network equipment often requires the use of an uninterruptible power supply ( UPS ) to supply electricity in the PoE devices, network devices use a UPS, PoE device-side protection, which can greatly reduce network construction costs. The use of PoE devices will reduce the UPS 's use, to avoid installing an electrical outlet in the vicinity of each network device, greatly reduces the equipment costs and management costs. 
Large-capacity capacitor and a variety of high quality devices, products, and to ensure stability and high voltage of the module, and the different equipment specifications, to provide 3.3V , 5V , 7.5V , 9V , 12V . Adapt to a variety of small network equipment. 

The characteristics of 
the cable power supply module is a UTP ( Unshielded Twisted Pair ) cable to provide electricity for a small network devices equipment. 
Improve the flexibility of the fabric network, greatly simplifying the installation and configuration of wireless network. 
Product color with high-quality components and more steady flow circuit to ensure stability and reliability of the equipment work. 
PD receiving end support 12V-48V a variety of voltage transfer of user-friendly UPS DC power supply. 

Advantages of 
easy to install and requires no operator wireless access points and PoE module. 
Directly through the network cable for the device power supply to solve the problem of difficult to place the equipment in the power. 
Can be tailored for different specifications of network equipment. 
POE system performance parameters 

value and description of 
no-load voltage output: 3.33V V 3.34V , 5.19V V 5.23 9.02 V 9.03 12.10 V 12.20 
with load voltage output: Drop -V 0.1 V 
load output power: 15W 
load ripple: 50mV 
noise: 70mV 
number of ports: a 
data transfer rate: 10 / 100Mbps 

maximum transmission distance: 100 m (cable resistance is less than or equal to 0.1 ohm / m)
Pin allocation: RJ45 4 / 5 (+) 7 / 8 ( - ) or 1 / 2 ( + ) 3 / 6 (-) 
output voltage: the voltage required by the network equipment to determine the 
user port power: less than or equal to 10W 
input power requirements DC12V or 24V or 48V (depending on input voltage) 
input power: Max 48W 
state panel: LED display
Power LED power indicator (green) 

cable data input RJ -45 cable ( Data ), 
a data and power output RJ -45 connector ( the DataPower ) 
Environmental conditions: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius 
Operating Temperature: Maximum 85 % non-condensing 
Operating Humidity: -25 to 85 degrees Celsius.


  • Model: TBPOEMV15W

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