Portable 3.5 Multimeter Tester ST869 for CCTV Security Camera Electricity output 5V 12V

Portable 3.5" Multimeter ST869 for video CCTV tester electricity output 5V 12V
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Product Description

With 12 v power supply output

ST869 engineering can treasure of images of the scene to solve the construction site, cloud mirror protocol, network cable on-off debug Settings such as functional testing, in the case of the video, can produce a video signal output, can be used to test line or network encoder, etc., the volume of exquisite appearance design, make and operation is very convenient to carry!

CCTV surveillance is the preferred tool to monitor the construction site operations.

uWill treasure this project can bring you a lot of convenience in the process of installation and debugging

uSave manpower, no longer need to take a mobile phone, interphone to shout, a person to bring this project can be finished

uBest to save time, no longer need to debug state and spend too much time, a person take treasure this project can be finished in a short time debugging

uAlthough not directly bring profits, save manpower, but in time can bring you unexpected efficiency

uEspecially in the process of detection, don't need in order to find fault point and climbing up and down, take engineering treasure a person can complete the whole testing process, easy to find fault point, the cause of the problem




Product introduction
This product is for video monitoring site installation, maintenance and development of testing tools, it is Chinese menu operation, video display,PTZControl,RS485Communications test, network cable, keyboard according to the test, the ball machine address scans, preset Settings, and other functions.This product is fully functional, simple operation, easy to carry, is engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the front-end camera equipment, increase efficiency, reduce the engineering cost of good assistant.ST869Type digital engineering treasure with Chinese menu operation function.

 Function demonstration         
Single operation can complete camera test, no need to return to the monitoring center, save test time, improve work efficiency.
 Product features that
1.Video signal testing capabilities
Engineering treasure can be connected through the image acquisition device testing video signals of the image quality.A 3.5 -inch LCD display screen.
2. The PTZControl test functions
To test the functionality of the PTZ products, including: horizontal/vertical rotation, the lens focal length adjustment, rotate speed setting, light control and so on.By a variety of PTZ communication protocol and the baud rate, inquiry for RS485 interface.
Support of RS485 protocol includes: PELCO D, PELCO P, SAMSUNG, Philips, such as dozens of control protocol, can also according to customer demand increase agreement;
Support the baud rate include: 00 600120 0240 0480 0960 0240 00384 0480 BPS.
3.The camera power supply function
ST - 869 type can be independently through the menu control vehicle with DC12V power supply only output for the camera power supply, in order to solve the camera at the scene can't power supply problems in the testing process.
4.Enhanced cable testing capabilities
Engineering treasure measuring connection status can be displayed on the LCD.Cable testing speed can be adjusted through the menu.The higher the level (1-5) series, the faster the speed.
5.Video signal output function
Engineering treasure can generate green, white and black color video signal output to the external display devices, help test shows that the working condition of equipment such as monitor, to generate the signals for PAL or NTSC (support) at the same time.
6. RS485Protocol testing function signal input (keyboard)
Engineering control equipment input RS485 signals can be detected, you can view displayed on the LCD to receive serial data, to facilitate technical personnel analysis protocol analysis correctly match or unknown.
7.Lithium polymer batteries and battery pattern real-time display
Using the large capacity lithium polymer batteries, more safe, more stable performance.
Familiar with friends will know, security monitoring equipment during the installation process is the need to monitor the tester (engineering) to cooperate with installation.Interested friends may wish to focus on.



ST869 monitoring instrument built-in high-definition digital 4 inches of LTPS monitor, through the instrument's VIDEO interface connection IN front the camera, can easily see that the camera image effect.


At the same time, ST869 monitoring tester can receive more through the video OUT port, send the video image, through the monitoring center monitor whether article receives the graphics interface, judge whether the video channel normal transmission.This equipment can also be used by the video OUT port to send color chart article type, at the same time IN port to receive and display, is suitable for the field detection, video transmission such as video optical transceiver, etc.


Tester is unique in terms of network testing, ST869 monitoring network cable testing capabilities, line two or more real testing and display, in addition to show the UTP cable cable order, also show cable test number at the same time, suitable for video security engineering, also suitable for wiring project use, are a line of wiring project.Simple, convenient and practical.


In terms of battery life, ST869 monitoring tester is built-in lithium polymer batteries, performance is more stable, continuous work longer hours, up to 12 hours continuous working time.







Function characteristics:


lowSupport Chinese and English menu, friendly interface, easy operation and reliable.
lowBuilt-in high performance, large capacityLiPolymer battery, battery life is up to12Hours, light and easy to take.The machine combines the auspicious Ann technology excellent intelligent charging and power management technology, the battery safe and reliable, longer life.Removable battery.
lowCompatible with as many as ten kinds of control protocol:PELCO?_D,PELCO?_P,SAMSUNG,ADT,YAAN,HY,LG,MINKING,VIDO,VIDEOTREC...Can be customized and special agreement.
lowPractical standby power saving function, standby time1 ~ 30Minutes can be set.
lowBattery display and monitor the battery remaining power at any time.
lowusingRS485/422Communications, baud rate1200,2400,4800,9600,19200Optional,120The matching resistance selection switch external, makes the machine applies to the construction site test, and also can be used when the normal keyboard in the remote.
lowVideo test functionality
lowBring their own3.5"LTPSHigh-grade LCD screen, easy test image signal (composite video).This monitoring intelligent tester is suitableNTSC,PalVideo formats.
lowYuntai testing capabilities
lowVisual wiring intelligent test function, simple and easy to use.
lowThis monitor the tester is easy to realize visualization display wiring and wiring sequence, testing accuracy is much higher than normal market monitoring tester.
lowThe function of video signal generator
lowThis monitoring tester with composite video signal generator, convenient to test the display device and video cable connection status.The video signal systemPal,NTSCAll can support, convenient for the user choice.
lowRS485Data analysis function, is a good helper of engineers.
lowThis monitoring tester can test and analysis of control equipmentRS485Signal, in the machine on the screen16Hexadecimal format communication content, convenient technical personnel analysis protocol analysis correctly match or unknown.





Product technical parameters



Product model

ST - 869.

The video signal test

Video formats

NTSC/PALAutomatically adapt to

The display screen

Use 3.5"SuperThe LCDColor screen, 960 x 240The resolution of the

Video input

1Road,BNCIsolation of the input

Video output

1Road,BNCTo drive the output

Yuntai control test

Communication interface

Can supportRS485Bus andRS422simplex

Communication protocol

Compatible with a variety of protocols: PELCO ­ _D,PELCO ­ _P,SAMSUNG,ADT,YAAN,HY,LG,MINKING,VIDO,VIDEOTREC Etc.

Baud rate

1200,00, 2400480, 0960, 0192

Other features

Cable test

Cable testing can be any sort of cable, and displayed on the screen connection order

Video signal generator

Can be independent output1Video test signals

RS485Protocol testing

Can receive and display control deviceRS485Protocol data

The operating menu

Chinese and EnglishOSDThe menu

The keyboard

Chinese keyboard operation, increase the number keys, operation more convenient

The power supply

Power supply

DC9V / 2000 ma

Battery power

7.4 V / 2000 mah


5Hour or so to complete charging,A charge can be normal use8hours

Power saving function

Low power consumption,Automatic standby power saving function,It can display the battery

The other parameters

Working environment temperature

30°--+ 70°

Work environment humidity


Overall dimensions

165 * 104 * 43 mm

productionproductThe net weight

0.24Plus or minus0.02 KG

The product gross weight

0.85Plus or minus0.1 KG


Gray and black







Should beuseledDomain:

uCamera image, installation Angle and position test;

uConstruction monitoring and control system for integrated test;

uBatch monitoring industry fast inspection;

uResearch and development or construction personnel analysis of unknown control protocol;

uTest cable short circuit, open circuit, such as cross wiring scheduling problems;

uManufacturers, agents to engineering business customers gifts;




Packing list:





The number of

The host




12 v DC output line


485The test line


BNCVideo line


The power adapter


Hang a rope


The user manual




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With Built-in Battery No
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