RFID 125Khz Patrol Guard Tour Monitoring System Offline Portable Durable CH168 5 Year Warranty


Big surprise: Most cost-effective solution for your business promotion, super deal for a full set NEW RFID based patrol guard tour system, do not miss the bargain!

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Big surprise: Most cost-effective solution for your business promotion, super deal for a full set NEW RFID based patrol guard tour system, do not miss the bargain!

  • Essential equipment for security guard service
  • Competitive merchandize for dealer
  • High quality and innovative product for enrich your product range

Commitment to Quality & Service: Super long 5 years warranty service!

Quality Assurance: Truly waterproof, shock resistance plus rugged checkpoint button of various formats, hassle-free driver design, USB communication with computer for super fast data download! 

BUY NOW enjoy the following benefits:

  • FREE 10 patrol point
  • Guard handheld mini torch (subject to stock availability)

The advantages of using rechargeable batteries:large capacity battery filled with a continuous reading point 50 million times, continuous standby up to more than 3 months.The matching spare a rechargeable battery, rechargeable use.Reduced patrol system due to battery problems.

The role of the Patrol System

The patrol inspection staff in various areas and locations to install a built-in induction of different encoding patrol point inspection personnel of the inspection staff held Patrol and line inspections in accordance with the predetermined time, at the same time close to the installation Patrol patrol point, patrol will record the place and time of arrival.Managers can record information in the Patrol transmitted to the computer on the screen can clearly show the place of inspection of the inspection staff and arrival time, according to pre-determined inspection frequency and time requirements, computer software, the automatic statistics the punctuality, delays and missed statements displayed on the computer screen and can be printed through the printer, and provides important management information.Because the security staff of the inspection staff must arrive at the specified time inspection site to read the record information, and the information can not be copied, inspection can not be lazy or cheating.Managers according to the inspection report assessment inspection staff, and give appropriate recognition or reward, which will help to improve the work of the initiative of the inspection staff, and improve the scientific management, to promptly identify potential safety problems, reduce security The purpose of the accident.Security Intelligent Inspection Management System can also be used on different occasions the Library room inspection, transportation routes, time management, critical equipment inspection.Through a multi-card can also improve the cost-effective investment.Use of effects using intelligent patrol management system can accurately grasp the patrol officers at each point in the work, can eliminate the paralysis of thought and trusting to luck of the inspection staff, thereby improving the quality of their work, will eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, precautionary measures in the first place.

Why select this Patrol Guard Tour system:

1, high quality rugged aluminum structure, hard surface anti-oxidation, shock resistance and waterproof design

2, embedded silica gel liner, measured anti-shock from 3 metre height

3, the whole waterproof design. Measured 1 meter underwater, put in water for 1-2 minutes, even after reading something.If the Patrol is not waterproof, rain is likely to cause the circuit board burned, resulting in permanent damage.

4, 157 mm x 27mm size, lightweight, practical, easy to carry.

5,  long standby, each set of Patrol is equipped with two high-capacity rechargeable battery, the battery using industrial-grade high-capacity battery, durable, will automatically enter standby mode when not in use Patrol, more durable and more energy efficient, supporting the battery normally available for up to 1-2 years!

( Due to rejection of Lithium batteries from air mail, batteries will not be shipped, please order your rechargeable batteries locally following our battery specification. BATTERIES CAN ONLY SHIPPED AT EXTRA CHARGE OF $30 VIA DHL )

6, large capacity, can store up to 60,000 records

7, driver for free: collection the real USB2.0 read through mode, no need to install the driver, download speed!

8, Software languages support: English version and chinese version

9, up to five years free warranty


  • 1 x recording wand
  • 1 x Patrol battery charger
  • 2 x high-capacity rechargeable battery (skipped as rejected by air mail)
  • 1 x carry case
  • 1 x software
  • 10 x checkpoint ( FREE GIFT )
  • 1 x USB connecting cable
  • 1 x guard torch ( FREE but provided as stock last )


Technical parameters:

1, waterproof and drop: alloy structure, four meters free fall without injury, 1 m waterproof design, water reader!

2, the amount of storage: can store inspection records 60000

3, USB communication: USB communication mode, no need to install the USB driver, super-fast download data

4, lithium battery: Rechargeable battery

5, Reader Tip: after successful reader lights, vibrating alert

6, Low power consumption: the battery is full, can stand for five months to reader 100 times a day, reader 2-3 months without replacement

7. Dimension:157MM*27mm

8, Reader technology: Switzerland EM sensor reader technology

9, Security: data after power can be stored for 30 years

10, Capacity: 16MB

11. Weight:160g

12.Low power consumption: 0.2 mA standby

13 Color: Black


Electronic patrol system consists of:

1 induction Patrol rods (handheld patrol patrol patrol rod, and save the patrol data, data logging certain patrol a certain time after a certain location!

2.USB data cable(data acquisition Patrol rods to the management software, first use location information button, personnel information New York Patrol rods read into the software)

3. Location information button (a button that a single physical location, rangers held of patrol rod attendance location information button after the patrol after this moment the site)

4 personnel information button (when a patrol rod several patrol jointly To distinguish certain period of time who is on patrol, optional)

5. management software (patrol officers patrol after patrol rod connected to the computer, store data collected in the software inside the Patrol, view inspection reports, etc.)

The wide range of applications of the device are as follows

Railway: maintenance, electrical service, water and electricity, vehicle inspection

Oil: pipelines, oil wells and equipment preventive maintenance inspection

Post: Xin Tong open, train and trunk and mail frequency / time-bound pipeline

Telecom: wiring boxes, lines, computer room, cable, telephone booths maintenance inspection

Mobile: a transmitting station, tower, room regular maintenance inspection

Electricity: high voltage lines, transformers, power plants and look-up table meter inspection

Grain storage: silos, fire alarm inspection

Army: arsenal, logistical ** library outpost inspection

Property: residential security inspection, the hotel building inspection

Large industrial and mining equipment inspection and inspection of the production process

Museums, libraries and cultural preservation zones, flora and fauna conservation, forestry area regular inspection management

Patrol, prisons and other security logging and management


Equipment installation

1, Patrol point installation

1) First, determine the mount point (below ground 1.5M), a chance to impact drill to punch holes (diameter 6mm) on the installation point.

2) record to good each patrol point corresponding to the installation site, (all installation point should Patrol set with the computer corresponding to).

3) first determine the mount point (not less than ground 1.5M), a chance to impact drill installation point red (2 holes) embedded in the rubber plug.

4) Open the cover plate with self-tapping screws.

5) Replace the cover boxing can.

2, the standard installation program:

1) According to the length of the design of the patrol route patrol point layout scheme: In principle, each floor one per line of sight range, each 100 meters a important or complex place of the lot must be laid patrol point.

2) Patrol configuration: in principle, each patrol route in three shifts to patrol a class induction Patrol, the setting can be decided according to the actual situation.

3) properly installed software will patrol routes on each of the buried wall patrol point eight numbers corresponding to the physical location description to set up one-to-one correspondence in the software (be careful not to set the error, otherwise statistical inquiry to be wrong).

4) the use of the process requires a certain period to download data, normal for a week.

5) data processing by specialized administrative personnel, patrol data storage backup, the query and statistical reports submitted to the administrative department.


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