RFID HF 13.56MHz 14443A Disposable Medical Wristband Tag 23 mm


RFID HF 13.56MHz 14443A Disposable Medical Wristband Tag 23 mm 100/Lot

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The RFID wristband for electronic medical records systems, electronic management systems and inpatient hospital management system for the identification and management of patients , RFID wristbands picture for maternal and newborn care identification . A management system in accordance with the requirements of the patient's personal information ( such as name , age , mailing address , telephone number , guardian contact information, ID cards , medical assurance, bank card number, etc. ) and pathological information ( such as blood type, medical history , allergies drugs and other medical information, etc. characteristics ) , deposited wristbands chip, connected to the system with a reader can read out this information for hospital treatment , testing, examination, surgery, medication, ordering , payments, etc management services. Also be used for young and old , those with chronic diseases and disabilities of persons self-expression , identity as a management tool. For example, some patients at the onset of loss of the ability to express , electronic wristbands can be directly read information, a basic understanding of the patient's pathological information , gain valuable time for the rescue , but also by the information contained in electronic wristband , promptly contact family.


  1. Packaged chip : 14443A
  2. Working standard : 13.56MHZ
  3. Storage capacity : according to user needs to select 1K bits 2k bits 8k bits
  4. Thickness : 0.4 mm-0.75 mm
  5. Label base : 0.125 ~ 0.30mm
  6. Label Size : 255 mm x 25.5 mm
  7. Effective wear : 110 mm-240 mm
  8. Use: Disposable

medical institutions , nursing homes

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