RFID LF 125 KHz Mid-Range Card Reader EM 4100 RS232RS485WG34WG42


RFID LF 125 KHz Mid-Range Card Reader EM 4100 RS232 Wiegand

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ID remote reader (125kHz Long-Range Card Reader) the introduction of international advanced technology , it has a new product processing technology , completely independent intellectual property rights , low power consumption , high sensitivity , reading distance, high-performance, low price , interference, stability, mainly used in smart parking , access channel management , access control and other industries, operating frequency standard 125kHz, using a non-contact radio frequency EM format ID card .
This reader is applied to 125kHz frequency, completely independent intellectual property design, high performance , support for EM-ID card , the card can be read from the ordinary EM 500 mm or more, if you use our company to provide long-distance thick card , the maximum sensing distance more than 1100 mm ( test standard : in a relatively small interference environment and use the recommended linear power supply, and our long-range recommended by thick card test ) , in addition to its full range of products to increase the auto-tuning and digital filtering , the effective performance increased sensing range and reduced noise vibration and interference. It Wiegand data output formats (Wiegand) W26, Wiegand (Wiegand) W34, standard RS485, RS485 non-standard format V2 or V4 and standard RS232-A or B, as well as custom interfaces. In addition, its unique anti-jamming software system that allows both the reader very close to the time, can still maintain the basic working conditions, does not significantly shorten the distance . Another reader using environmentally friendly epoxy sealed completely comply with UL interference harsh environment can be reduced to a minimum, and maximum compliance with the requirements of environmental protection products .


1 , the operating frequency : Standard 125kHz;
2, the RF card : EM ID card , read only 64 Manchester encoding ;
3 , Dimension : Built receiving antenna 23.4 * 24 * 3.2 cm ( L * W * H )
4 , Model Interface : A section ( see figure appearance ) models are divided as follows
1 Model Interface :. A6 standard Wiegand 26 (Wiegand26)
2 Model Interface :. A4 standard Wiegand 34 (Wiegand34)
3 Model Interface :. A2A A standard RS232 format
4 Model Interface :. A2B standard RS232 format B
5 Model Interface :. A5A A standard RS485 format
6 Model Interface :. A5B standard RS485 format B
7 Model Interface :. A5V2 non-standard RS485 V2
8 Model Interface :. A5V4 non-standard RS485 V4
5 , Power Specifications : + DC 12V and 12VDC linear [ recommend using no less than the rated current of 1A linear regulated power supply ] ;
6 , sensing distance : the distance the reader a sense of the Eagle ™ maximum sensing distance may be more than 1100 mm ( test standards : Interference in a relatively small environment and use the recommended linear power supply, and use our recommended distance thick card test )
7 , Working temperature: -30 degrees - +70 degrees ; Storage Temperature : -40 ~ 85 °; Humidity: 0 ~ 95%
8 , the working current: working at 12VDC at 250mA ~ 350mA current
About 32ms: 9, speed reader
10 , \"Peripheral Control Line\" Connection Control Peripherals Working current: 150mA maximum support
11 , potting materials : all use environmentally friendly epoxy sealed completely comply with UL interference harsh environment can be reduced to a minimum and maximize compliance with the requirements of environmental protection products , potting heat distortion temperature : 90 ~ 100 °, temperature : -40 ~ 85 °
12 , the buzzer : Using custom loud buzzer sound prompts doubling
13 , data lines : The custom reader dedicated data lines to ensure reliable data transmission
This is a RFID Low Frequency 125KHz Mid-Range Card Reader ( so far the longest range of 125KHz reader in market ) is a stable, high performance and cost-effective RFID solution for longer range of applications beyond proximity. This is particularly suitable for use at car park, regular access control and other industrial and business premises.
This card reader is used 125kHz frequency, supporting EM-ID and compatible cards with read distance up to 100 cm depends on your use of card and its quality. Variety of output interfaces are available for different applications including Wiegand 26, and Wiegand 34, standard RS485, non-standard RS485 V2 or V4 and standard RS232.
1. Operating frequency for the standard 125KHz;
2. RF card EM-compliant ID cards;
3. RS232/RS485/WG34/WG42 (RS232 data formats:9600,n,8,1) - Please specific which you want upon order
* please kindly mention the interface required upon purchase. Interface is hardwired and cannot be adjusted out of factory.
4. Response rate: less than 0.2s;
5. Time interval <0.5seconds;
5. Power specifications: +DC 12V 3A
6. Sensing distance: up to100CM!(Depending on the smart card chip effect);
7. Operating temperature:-25--+75;
8. Operating humidity: 10-90%;
9. Built-in antenna:;
10. Mode of delivery:real-time;
11. Product features: small power consumption, high sensitivity, longer range card reading distance, high-performance, low cost, strong anti-interference, reliability
12. Case material: PVC with internal black resin filled (and effective waterproofing)
13. Dimension: 230mm x 230mm x 35mm
14. Application: intelligent car parks, factory, hospital, Bank, library, access management, access statistics also include railway zhadao, vehicle management;
1 x Mid-range Reader with selected interface
1 x Long range card as sample
(power adapter not included)
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