RFID LF 134 2 KHz Yellow Ear Ring Tag for Animal Agricultural Poultry Tracking Management

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RFID LF 134 KHz Ear Ring Tag for Animal Agricultural Poultry Tracking 5P

Application Note:
This is electronic ear tag identification that is mainly used to track livestock management, such as pigs and other livestock. Installed using a dedicated animal ear tag pliers to install the label on the pig ears, can be used normally. The electronic ear tag with non-toxic, no smell, no stimulation, non-polluting plastic materials for packaging materials, and effective prevention of organic acids, water and salt solution, mineral acids against.
The electronic ear tags to help livestock information management, to breeding for breeding stock, disease control, quarantine, etc. Meat for effective tracking and tracing, timely detection of diseases and epidemics and add solution, reduce losses and improve breeding efficiency.
Operating diagram
  • Product Code :Chip type  EM4305 (HiTag-S256 / T5577 / I-Code SLI / M1 S50 offered upon request)
  • Memory capacity (bits)  256 bits RW / 512bits RW / 1KBytes RW
  • Size (customizable)  : 30 x 15.3  0.1mm  0.1mm
  • : 30 x 23.3  0.1mm 0.1mm
  • Protocol standards  ISO 11784 / 11785 (or ISO15693, ISO14443A/B)
  • Material  , PET
  • Color (customizable)  yellow
  • Frequency  134.2kHz ( 13.56MHz optional )
  • Chemical resistance  To IP67, water, sunscreen, anti-immersion
  • Mechanical resistance  Fight fight, in line with IEC 68-2-27
  • anti-shock, in line with IEC 68-2-6
  • Storage Temperature  -40 ~ 90 (up to 1000 hours)
  • Operating temperature  -20 ~ 50
  • Weight  7.5  0.1g

1, to provide traceability of animal products quality management.
2, automatic feeding to improve breeding efficiency, automatically adjust the food structure.
3, the system automatically analyzes the number of feeding, animal health status of the warning.
4, there are outbreaks can quickly identify areas of livestock from uniform to avoid greater losses.
Technical parameters:
  • Standard: ISO 11784/11785
  • Frequency: 134.2 KHz (also available 125KHZ)
  • Chip: ID read-only
  • Material: High standard PU polyurethane non-toxic plastic
  • Storage temperature: -40 ~ +90
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