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We see post-sales support most important to our clients

We see post-sales support most important to our clients, in particular we are selling technical products and solutions.

In order to streamline our support and enable our support round the clock, we make use of as much online resource as possible. We hope no matter where our clients, support is just at your fingertips whenever request.

Technical Issue

Please double check the Model Number or SKU, go back our website and identify the product. You can do a search in the site search box.


The Model Number or SKU is available at the end of each product under the tab of Additional Information.


Yes, you can find here the first source of support information is the manual and software downloadable from the Additional Information tab of each product.

Blog of Security

We are building a Blog of Physical Security and RFID products as well as software development, it will be full of manual and technical information for sharing.

You can search relevant post using the search function.


All of above focus on our products. We welcome all our clients get connected with us via Social Media liked LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blog, etc. We believe more sharing and communication on technical and industries as well as every aspects of our lives is an enjoyable experience.

You can find our social media contacts at the top right corner of website.


Last but not least, send us email at, we will definitely reply your enquiries as soon as possible.