Wireless Remote Control Duplicator Copier for Car Clone Frequency 220-500 MHz


Wireless Remote Control Duplicator Copier for Car Clone Frequency 220-500 MHz

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Product Description:
In the new remote control on the market increasing, the demand of the Company's customers have to constantly find and update, upgrade to the latest study by the test program can be copied more of the original car after rolling code remote control. In the case of support for a fixed code, rolling code perfectly compatible with the following models, is fully compatible with General Railway rolling code, Familia, Premacy, Corolla, Vios, Excelle, Mitsubishi Galant, the hippocampus 323 , Delica, Futura Cards, Blue Jays, JMC, Qingling, Gold Cup, BYD F0 , F3 , the Great Wall, the old sail, SPEAK , UFO , red, GL8 , Lioncel, Lancer, red, Geely Free Cruiser, and other rolling remote control code. (The new increase in the remote control ...)
Car remote control duplicator is an emerging product, when the remote control is damaged it can copy all kinds of remote control / remote control, such as car theft. Electric door opener. Garage door remote control. Retractable door remote control, etc. Almost all wireless remote control control / security of the system by the digital remote replication host (equivalent to a computer equipped with the key key machine) and remote control without encoder (equivalent to the key blank) form. it all fixed code prepared and most remote anti-theft alarm remote control computer-based device, and is not limited remote control brand its frequency in the 220-500MHZ preparation of the product for the computer-based remote control, so even after repeated replication in the preparation, that the preparation of the car alarm remote control if need be to the next He changed dubbed electric door opener. no need to replace the remote control to blank the host has read the frequency of the system and then copy the function and prevention of its low price, the replication process, each step by the LCD screen displays all Chinese, who know Chinese characters are used.
IC types can be copied; HT-12E, AX5326-3, AX5326-4, AX5026, PT2262, PT2242, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, MC145026, HT640 remote duplicator to copy all Chinese and model remote control A number of machines: the market and some hide all fixed code remote control codes, such as PLC / Iron General
B, machine: remote control computer program code such as: the old Buick, Dodge, Nissan, Honda, the new Buick Regal, Ford Mondeo, Yaris, etc.
C, machine: rolling code remote control such as: Phantom 2000,2300, macro-defined second and third generation King era Cenozoic JS-96.JS-96B.JS-996.JS- 369.TC, Tiancheng, pass Jie C-9610. to build a full range of county, Golden Peacock JP-88TX.JP-787TX. a full range of positrons, guarded by a full range of 808A.BCDEF gatekeepers to FT-155.FT255, security into the rolling door RD-8701. Frequency 340, road special LINKO.HC-A, TOYATA (Toyota) 2000, all cars with the system, Ford MONDEO, and the whole car, Theo, the Great Wall pickup, southeast Freeca, Hainan Mazda
Optionally compatible with most brand names including Iron General, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, celebrities and other 72 kinds of chinese and foreign remote control.
* Take noted not all remote control is re-writable, only special remote control that is rewritable by this copier. This package will include one as sample, please mention to us if you want more. We can provide as many as you want at extra cost.

* This product is for professional use, you should know exactly the model and frequency of the chip-set of your remote control and make the model is on our list before order this, we do not guarantee your remote can be supported.
  • Copies of all garage doors, cars fixed code remote control ( A number of machine-specific)
  • Copy some computer code remote control ( B No. machine only)
  • Copy of the original car rolling code remote control ( C No. machine only)
  • Any function can be converted in English
  • Frequency range: 220MHz - 500MHz
  • Remote regeneration
  • Dual CPU ( dual chip) multi-threaded simultaneously, frequency, waveform, an internal code generation, easy to use.
  •  One-touch copy button-by-copy, reproduce, copy and other operating mode, the button is easy to learn, easy to get started.
  • Powerful, compact, set of radio frequency meter, signal scanner, the signal strength meter, internal code analyzer, code generator, etc. in multi-machine unity.
  •  Chinese operation, and any conversion in English for the world, illustrated, at a glance.
This machine is suitable for application by:
  • Ordinary remote control into a super remote control copy protection
  • Electric door control manufacturer, automatic door factory anti-theft remote control factory management
  •  Remote control manufacturers, building driveway, building electric locks, home DIY security, garage door locks, etc.
  • Automotive Seiki shop, automotive beauty shops, auto repair shop, car factory, car washing plants, automobile 4S Service Center
  • Lock published, lock shop, Lock Factory, with the key store
  •  Community management system, access control management
Remote control to operate the remote host correctly, must have and meet three conditions:
1  password (including the fixed code, e-code, rolling code)
2. Set code by press
3  Frequency (except IR)
Fixed code: it is the most primitive form of a code, cheat code of the solder 16 and a circuit board feet 8 connection points, according to certain rules, random changes in the preparation as a password. Passwords are generally 8 -bit, both in the copier to 1 , 0 , F three-letter identifier.
The greatest feature of the fixed code is intuitive passwords alone, reading methods are: the board upside down, the position of the chip you can see rows 3 rows of 8 , a total of 24 connection points, on in the next 3 points for a group, divided into 8 groups, a total of 24 connection points, the upper, middle and lower 3 -point for a group, divided into 8 groups, connected, in, the password is 1 ; connection, , the password is 0 ; do not connect, the password for the F . In this way, the foot position at the start, you can read 8 -digit password, which is read from right to left. Copier fully qualified for this password, copy, regeneration can be, can not limit the copy down.
Electronic code: fixed code upgrades, and there is not intuitive read out the password, you need a dedicated programmer and it can read and rewrite the password program, copy machine has read and copy functions, but there is no rewrite capability.
Rolling code: based on a specific calculation formula derived from the password, each time the button will change the password once, at the same time, the receiving host is also synchronized transformation, if the copy machine copy of this remote control when prompted to insert A number machine, the copier that is copied to a password, and this group password has expired, can not be used. If prompted to insert the C # generator, the copier has been proven to transmit copies of the formula in a sub-machine, a child the opportunity of a change according to the launch of the program continue. However, when the sub-machine still can not pay in the customer's hands, because the remote host does not know the addition of a sub-machine, it always considers the original contact with sub-machine, it will synchronize with the new sub-machine transformation continues, so original sub-machine fails, its identity has been replaced by a new sub-machine. To continue using the original sub-machine, we should N times press the button to catch up with the password.
To use the two sub-machine at the same time, we need a learning process to enable the host to accept two simultaneously operating procedures, mutual non-interference. Learning methods vary by brand, generally vehicle while the host can only connect 4 sets of acceptance program, which is more than matched 4 only sub-machine.
How to Use:
  • Put your remote control to be copied on the sensor and then press the button to generate signal. You should see something shown on display.
  • Take out a blank new and special remote control ( should also bought from us and there is one bundled ), use screw to adjust the frequency to match.
  • Connecting the new remote to copier
  • Press Copy button to copy the signal lastly learnt
* User guide can be provided for reference upon request.


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