Build online shopping website wih cell phone apps in 7 days

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Setup your online shopping website plus apps on android and iphone in 7 days at $750 only.

Small and local businesses should start their online business right now!


While all people are staying at home, they are surfing through the net.

They cannot go out and buy things, but they are still able to do a lot of things via Internet.

Yes, at the past, small and local business owners look online shopping not their options because majority of their customers from nearby and repeated customers. However, business owners, will you change your mind today?

People see the growing importance of online shopping, not because of this short-term threat of pandemic, but because they see the value of online shopping more clearly today. This pandemic simply shows us the value more obviously.

Not waiting, come and join the net. Start your online shopping business right now, in particularly, your shops cannot open at the moment, you are idle at home, you have plenty of time preparing for the coming good days.

Let me help you to build your online business today.

Don't worry, the cost to you is incredibly affordable. At $750, your website will be ready and quick within 7 days.

Yes, not exaggerating, no cheating, when I show you a demonstration, you know the world is changing!!!

What included:

US$ 700, No hidden cost, No extra cost. You will see your website accepting orders from where you want. You see there is an app on Android phone. You see there is an app on iPhone. Clear enough.


  • Unlimited product upload.
  • Unlimited pages of website.
  • Online payment supported.
  • Membership provided.
  • Customer self-management allowed.

How proceed:

No worry, I'll guide you through the process. Honestly, you just say, pay and stay, I'll do everything for you.

  1. Give me your business information so I can understand your business first.
  2. Choose a domain name (name for your website) if you have no one.
  3. Setup your internet account and server.
  4. I'll build a basic website for your review.
  5. I'll give you three models (appearance) for selection, please pick one.
  6. Give me some high quality images for your business.
  7. Give me a few product information including good pictures, I'll upload them to your website as a start.
  8. Website site ready.
  9. I'll train you how to use it. You upload your product as many as you want.
  10. I'll develop your app on Android and iPhone. You can review your apps then.
  11. Completed.
  12. Promote your website to build basic ranking and online presence and traffic.

I'll not accept any suggestion on the website (e.g. how modify) because from my experience this is the reason of website not finished and failed. People don't know much about e-commerce and website should not say too much, trust your consultants. I work for your website, I don't want your website failed or project stucked. I must have it completed on time and successful.

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