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Access Control Biometrics

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  1. RFID 125KHz Based Access Control + Time Attendance... SKU : H15U
    Special Price US$56.27 Regular Price US$62.52
  2. Audio interface RFID HF 14443A NFC mini reader wri... SKU : RH06
    Special Price US$50.40 Regular Price US$56.00
  3. Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine Access Control... SKU : MM7301
    Special Price US$75.60 Regular Price US$84.00
  4. Smart Fingerprint Lock (SL-7200) SKU : SL-7200
    Special Price US$258.07 Regular Price US$286.75
  5. Smart Fingerprint Lock (SL-7100) SKU : SL-7100
    Special Price US$230.47 Regular Price US$256.07
  6. Fingerprint RFID Access control system set Contro... SKU : 32828709267
    Special Price US$227.47 Regular Price US$252.75
  7. Wholesale Single Door Fingerprint and RFID Card Ac... SKU : 811879024
    Special Price US$200.06 Regular Price US$222.29
  8. uhf rfid module R2000 chip smart card read module ... SKU : CFR2000
    Special Price US$276.08 Regular Price US$306.75
  9. EPC GEN2 uhf rfid writer module with TTL Interface... SKU : CFMU903
    Special Price US$87.02 Regular Price US$96.69
  10. Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Smart Door Touch Lock ZigBee Ke... SKU : 32869842537
    Special Price US$230.06 Regular Price US$255.62
  11. V9 IC Fingerprint Touch Screen Password Entrance A... SKU : 32857758037
    Special Price US$643.04 Regular Price US$714.49
  12. In Stock Xiaomi Sherlock Smart lock M1 mijia Smart... SKU : 32844910217
    Special Price US$135.04 Regular Price US$150.04
  13. Original xiaomi Mijia aqara Smart door lock ,Digit... SKU : 32836642835
    Special Price US$390.01 Regular Price US$433.35
  14. Original Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Smart Door Touch Lock ... SKU : 32851120796
    Special Price US$220.05 Regular Price US$244.50
  15. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Touch Lock ZigBee Connecti... SKU : 32867533788
    Special Price US$275.07 Regular Price US$305.63
  16. Digital Glass Door Lock Touch Screen Fingerprint P... SKU : 32845380726
    Special Price US$156.99 Regular Price US$174.44
  17. Digital Glass Door Lock Touch Screen Fingerprint E... SKU : 32845392284
    Special Price US$175.50 Regular Price US$195.00
  18. LANXSTAR Fingerprint RFID Card Password Keys APP 5... SKU : 32681526570
    Special Price US$347.66 Regular Price US$386.29
  19. Lanxstar Micro Type Intelligent Lock Fingerprint... SKU : 32811125059
    Special Price US$328.08 Regular Price US$364.54
  20. LANXSTAR Face Recognition Palm Prints Intelligent ... SKU : 32866582832
    Special Price US$344.38 Regular Price US$382.64
  21. DIY Fingerprint Access Control lock system RFID sm... SKU : 32798020036
    Special Price US$90.57 Regular Price US$100.63
  22. USB Password Lock Security Biometric Fingerprint S... SKU : 32882129302
    Special Price US$22.00 Regular Price US$24.44
  23. 1set FPM10A fingerprint Module for Optical finger... SKU : 32844031842
    Special Price US$34.00 Regular Price US$37.78
  24. Free SDK uru 4000b Digital Persona USB Biometric F... SKU : 32353252060
    Special Price US$58.01 Regular Price US$64.45
  25. SEEBZ Digital Persona USB Biometric Fingerprint Sc... SKU : 32882865059
    Special Price US$97.02 Regular Price US$107.80
  26. Free Shipping Brand New USB Fingerprint Reader Sca... SKU : 32811911702
    Special Price US$58.48 Regular Price US$64.97
  27. Free shipping UHF RFID reader module USB interface... SKU : 32858002722
    Special Price US$99.03 Regular Price US$110.03
  28. 865-928Mhz R2000 long range uhf rfid module one an... SKU : CFRA9003
    Special Price US$237.06 Regular Price US$263.40
  29. LPSECURITY Biometrics Fingerprint Access Control R... SKU : 32863538147
    Special Price US$39.99 Regular Price US$44.43
  30. LPSECURITY Biometric Fingerprint RFID Reader Acces... SKU : 32759825165
    Special Price US$39.99 Regular Price US$44.43
  31. Mountainone Waterproof HD720P Wireless WIFI RFID P... SKU : MJFR11
    Special Price US$130.04 Regular Price US$144.49
  32. Mountainone 7 inch One to One Wired Wireless Wifi ... SKU : SY709BMJF11
    Special Price US$198.24 Regular Price US$220.27
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Items 1-32 of 152

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