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Radio-frequency identification(RFID) is atechnologythat uses communication viaradio wavesto exchange data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an object, for the purpose of identification and tracking. Now there is a growing number of applications in th area of security.

The term RFID refers to the technology. The tags should properly be called "RFID tags".
There are three types of RFID tags: passive RFID tags, which have no power source and require an external electromagnetic field to initiate a signal transmission, active RFID tags, which contain abatteryand can transmit signals once an external source ('Interrogator') has been successfully identified, and battery assisted passive (BAP) RFID tags, which require an external source to wake up but have significant higher forward link capability providing greater range.
There are normally three ranges of RFID frequency: Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra-high Frequency (UHF). Different class covers different range of frequency, one most importance of the frequency is that determines the reading distance of tags and this distance directly determine the application of the frequency to certain applications.
Low Frequency is talking about 125 KHz to 135 KHz.
High Frequency is talking about 13.56 MHz.
Ultra High Frequency is talking about 860 MHz to 960 MHz.
There are various international standards governing the use of this emerging technologies, making sure the products and solutions would be eventually compatible to certain extent.

RFID Reader

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  1. EM4305 chip card reader 134 2KHZ reader T5577 chip... SKU : GZ1342U
    Special Price US$40.00 Regular Price US$44.45
  2. RFID 134 2KHz + 125KHz Low Cost Reader Writer for ... SKU : GZ1342D
    Special Price US$128.03 Regular Price US$142.25
  3. Portable Bluetooth+USB UHF RFID reader card reader... SKU : MZUHFBTD
    Special Price US$134.40 Regular Price US$149.33
    Out of stock
  4. RFID UHF EPC 96-bit UHF dual-channel dual antenna ... SKU : HY201
    Special Price US$302.40 Regular Price US$336.00
  5. RFID UHF 860-960 MHz Mid-range 5M Reader Writer EP... SKU : HY101
    Special Price US$92.40 Regular Price US$102.67
  6. RFID UHF Full Range 860-960 MHz Mid-range 12M Read... SKU : HY102
    Special Price US$168.00 Regular Price US$186.67
  7. RFID UHF Desktop Reader Writer Server Multi-Tag RS... SKU : HY107S1
    Special Price US$84.00 Regular Price US$93.33
  8. RFID UHF 4 Port Reader Station long range passive ... SKU : HY406
    Special Price US$504.00 Regular Price US$560.00
  9. RFID 134.2 KHz 11784/11785 FDX ReaderPortable Blue... SKU : ZF11784BT
    Special Price US$87.36 Regular Price US$97.07
  10. RFID 125KHz/13.56MHz Reader USB SKU : RFIDUSBL
    Special Price US$16.80 Regular Price US$18.67 As low as US$4.00
  11. RFID 13.56 Mhz ISO 15693 Desktop Reader Writer USB... SKU : BC75015693RWU
    Special Price US$26.88 Regular Price US$29.87
  12. RFID Based Intelligent Wine Drawer Refrigerator UH... SKU : ZKWINEDRAW
    Special Price US$134.40 Regular Price US$149.33
  13. 8618AK Stainless Waterproof Access Control RFID 12... SKU : KL8618AK
    Special Price US$23.52 Regular Price US$26.13
  14. Desktop HID Card Reader RFID 125KHZ Reader USB SKU : HU125HID
    Special Price US$30.24 Regular Price US$33.60
  15. Audio interface RFID HF 14443A NFC mini reader wri... SKU : RH06
    Special Price US$50.40 Regular Price US$56.00
  16. RFID UHF 860-960 MHz EPC Reader Writer Portable De... SKU : HY9816UBT
    Special Price US$109.20 Regular Price US$121.33
  17. RFID LF 125KHz/13.56MHz EM4100/NFC Mini Reader for... SKU : SYCR65
    Special Price US$13.44 Regular Price US$14.93
  18. RFID UHF EPC Desktop Reader/Writer RS232 SKU : HY106
    Special Price US$112.53 Regular Price US$125.04
  19. RFID UHF EPC Single Channel Reader Station Externa... SKU : HY103S
    Special Price US$135.04 Regular Price US$150.04
  20. RFID UHF EPC 4 CH Reader Station External Antenna ... SKU : HY401
    Special Price US$495.14 Regular Price US$550.16
    Out of stock
  21. RFID UHF EPC 4 CH Reader Station External Antenna ... SKU : HY403
    Special Price US$630.18 Regular Price US$700.20
    Out of stock
  22. RFID UHF EPC Handheld Portable Reader Keypad GSM 3... SKU : HY186
    Special Price US$922.76 Regular Price US$1,025.29
  23. RFID UHF EPC 860-960MHz Gate Channel Reader Scanne... SKU : HY808
    Special Price US$2,925.84 Regular Price US$3,250.93
  24. NEW 13Pcs 125Khz Handheld RFID ID Card Copier/ Rea... SKU : 32796716679
    Special Price US$14.25 Regular Price US$15.84
  25. 1W 13.56MHz RFID ISO15693 middle range reader with... SKU : CFRH9011
    Special Price US$207.94 Regular Price US$231.04
  26. Newest version proxmark3 develop suit 3 Kits proxm... SKU : 32657089273
    Special Price US$75.02 Regular Price US$83.36
  27. 125khz /13.56mhz USB RFID Copier Reader Writer Clo... SKU : 32821814512
    Special Price US$28.90 Regular Price US$32.11
  28. UHF Durable High Temperature On Metal Tag High Per... SKU : ABSMetalTag
    Special Price US$3.36 Regular Price US$3.73
  29. 1pc USB ACR122U NFC RFID Smart Card Reader Writer ... SKU : ACR122U-A9
    Special Price US$25.20 Regular Price US$28.00
  30. Newest ACR39U Smart Card Reader Writer USB interfa... SKU : ACR39
    Special Price US$19.32 Regular Price US$21.47
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