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RFID UHF Desktop Reader Writer Multi-Tag EPC 96-bit+18000-6B RS232/TCPIP/USB 0.5M SDK

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RFID UHF Desktop Reader Writer Multi-Tag EPC+18000-6B RS232 0.5M SDK

A desktop RFID reader and writer is almost an essential equipment for any RFID project. It is essential because every RFID application should have a tag commissioning phase in its operation. This is mostly done on desktop with a computer and software.

This desktop reader/writer is a compact and integrated UHF RFID device used to identify tags and write data into tags in mid range distance in indoor conditions like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers or libraries.

Unlike many similar reader writer in market, this writer is one of the model of our flagship HY series RFID UHF equipment. This series has been enhanced again and again and now includes the widest range of equipment liked desktop, fixed outdoor and mobile. It provides all major interfaces including RS232, USB, TCP/IP, Wifi and Bluetooth. More importantly, the models of this series share ONE set of software development kit (SDK) that means your effort on the software developed is well protected. You are not required to adjust your codes much while your software developed has widest scope of applications.
  • Completely independent intellectual property rights design;
  • Fully support UHF EPC Gen2 (ISO18000-6 - c) , ISO18000-6 b Agreement electronic tag;
  • Advanced tag collision processing algorithm, high literacy rate; (distinguish multiple cards at a time)
  • Working frequency 902 ~ 928 MHZ ( Can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions )
  • With broad spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) Work or fixed frequency means of transmission;
  • The output power : The biggest 30 DBM (adjustable);
  • Built in sending and receiving antenna, read distance about 2 M , write to the distance about 50 cm*
  • Low power design, single 6 v Power supply;
  • Support response (interaction) working mode and active work mode;
  • Active work mode output format and parameters can be configured;
  • support USB interface;
  • Provide dynamic link libraries ( DLL ), support for secondary development.
  • SDK on C# and Delphi and VC
  • Dimension: 160mmx110mmx35mm
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