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IOT Equipment

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  1. King Pigeon Modbus TCP Slave 3G IOT RTU Smart Remo... SKU : S270
    Special Price US$118.03 Regular Price US$131.15
  2. Wireless GSM 3G 4G Relay switch SMS Remote Control... SKU : RTU5021
    Special Price US$140.04 Regular Price US$155.60
  3. Industrial 4G Cellular Modbus RTU Master for PLC S... SKU : RTUS272
    Special Price US$55.11 Regular Price US$61.23
  4. 4G LTE Cellular IOT Gateway Alarm Device Industria... SKU : RTUS275
    Special Price US$61.82 Regular Price US$68.69
  5. Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Router USR-G805 IoT Dev... SKU : USR-G805
    Special Price US$67.20 Regular Price US$74.67
  6. 8 Serial Port RS485 To Ethernet Converter IOT Devi... SKU : 8 USR-N580
    Special Price US$95.43 Regular Price US$106.03
  7. Industrial Dual Serial Port RS232 RS485 To Etherne... SKU : USR-N520
    Special Price US$39.48 Regular Price US$43.87
  8. USR-MB706 RS232 RS485 To 4G LTE Cat M1 Cat-NB2 EGP... SKU : USR-MB706
    Special Price US$57.51 Regular Price US$63.90
  9. Serial Port RS485 LAN Ethernet To 4G WiFi Converte... SKU : USR-G807
    Special Price US$85.87 Regular Price US$95.41
  10. Industrial 8-port Serial Port RS232 RS422 RS485 To... SKU : USR-N668
    Special Price US$138.60 Regular Price US$154.00
  11. USR-DR301 DIN-rail RS232 Serial Port To Ethernet C... SKU : USR-DR301
    Special Price US$16.30 Regular Price US$18.11
  12. Serial Port RS232 RS485 RS422 To Ethernet Converte... SKU : USR-TCP232-306
    Special Price US$17.14 Regular Price US$19.04
  13. Industrial 4G LTE Router EU AU Frequency USR-G807 ... SKU : USR-G807-1
    Special Price US$85.87 Regular Price US$95.41
  14. 4G LTE Industrial Cellular VPN Router USR-G809 IOT... SKU : USR-G809
    Special Price US$109.20 Regular Price US$121.33
  15. 4G DTU USR-G786 Serial Port RS232 RS485 To 4G LTE ... SKU : USR-G786
    Special Price US$100.01 Regular Price US$111.12
  16. Industrial 4G Multi Cellular Router Dual SIM LTE C... SKU : USR-G808
    Special Price US$88.20 Regular Price US$98.00
  17. USR IOT USR-TCP232-410s ModBus RTU Converters supp... SKU : USR-TCP232-410s
    Special Price US$27.05 Regular Price US$30.05
  18. 4G Network IO Controller 4 in 4 Out 4 Analog Remot... SKU : USR-IO34
    Special Price US$63.50 Regular Price US$70.56
  19. LPSECURITY M2M GPRS GSM Network Modems RS485 Port ... SKU : USR-GPRS232-734
    Special Price US$43.68 Regular Price US$48.53
  20. Industrial 4G LTE Modem USR-G781 Serial Port RS232... SKU : USR-G781
    Special Price US$78.62 Regular Price US$87.36
  21. Serial Port RS232 RS485 To WiFi Ethernet RJ45 Conv... SKU : USR-W610
    Special Price US$31.25 Regular Price US$34.72
  22. Serial Port RS485 To Ethernet Converter Server USR... SKU : USR-N510
    Special Price US$39.99 Regular Price US$44.43
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22 Items

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