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RFID Modules

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  1. uhf rfid module R2000 chip smart card read module ... SKU : CFR2000
    Special Price US$276.08 Regular Price US$306.75
  2. EPC GEN2 uhf rfid writer module with TTL Interface... SKU : CFMU903
    Special Price US$87.02 Regular Price US$96.69
  3. Keyes RC522 Card Read Antenna RFID Reader IC Card ... SKU : RC522
    Special Price US$15.00 Regular Price US$16.67
  4. Free shipping UHF RFID reader module USB interface... SKU : 32858002722
    Special Price US$99.03 Regular Price US$110.03
  5. 865-928Mhz R2000 long range uhf rfid module one an... SKU : CFRA9003
    Special Price US$237.06 Regular Price US$263.40
  6. 15M long range uhf rfid reader module 865-868Mhz 9... SKU : CFMU904
    Special Price US$70.01 Regular Price US$77.79
  7. LPSECURITY Metal case keypad RFID access control s... SKU : 32812126292
    Special Price US$48.90 Regular Price US$54.34
    Out of stock
  8. RFID 遠距離 超高頻嵌入式高性能 多標... SKU : RFID-R2000
    Special Price US$300.09 Regular Price US$333.43
  9. ►184◄RFID MFRC-522 RC522 IC卡感應模組 Ard... SKU : ►184◄RFID MFRC-522 RC522 IC卡感應模組 Arduino 送S50復旦卡 鑰匙
    Special Price US$1.59 Regular Price US$1.77
  10. 微型超高頻rfid讀寫器讀卡器模組藍牙... SKU : KLM9X0
    Special Price US$21.34 Regular Price US$23.71
  11. RFID UHF Module with Ceramic Antenna 2M with TTL t... SKU : JRD100USB
    Special Price US$46.87 Regular Price US$52.08
  12. RFID 134.2KHz module FDX-B FDXB ISO 11784 with ext... SKU : UHF11784ANT1
    Special Price US$20.16 Regular Price US$22.40
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13 Items

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