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Every system has to start with selecting an RFID tag that will perform well given your reading requirements, size constraints, and application type. A tag consists of two parts: the chipset and antenna. The chipset stores the unique data for the tag, determines the amount of information it can store, and the available security features. The antenna allows the chip to receive power and transmit information. Normally, the larger the antenna the better range you will get. There are a variety of chipsets and antenna designs which are designed to perform in all types of applications.


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  1. EM4305 chip card reader 134 2KHZ reader T5577 chip... SKU : GZ1342U
    Special Price US$40.00 Regular Price US$44.45
  2. RFID 134 2KHz + 125KHz Low Cost Reader Writer for ... SKU : GZ1342D
    Special Price US$128.03 Regular Price US$142.25
  3. New RFID UHF PCB Inlay Tags at lowest $0.5 EPC 96-... SKU : UHFPCB
    Special Price US$0.50 Regular Price US$0.56
  4. RFID Combo Thick Card 860-960MHz ISO 18000-6C + 13... SKU : UHFCOMBOTHICK
    Special Price US$0.84 Regular Price US$0.93
  5. RFID NFC HF 13.56Mhz 14443A Laundry Button Tag for... SKU : NFCBUT30
    Special Price US$0.50 Regular Price US$0.56
  6. RFID UHF 860-960MHz 18000-6C EPC 96-bit Ultra-mini... SKU : MZUFXXXS
    Special Price US$1.34 Regular Price US$1.49
  7. Custom Production RFID Card +Printing Graphics Log... SKU : RFIDCUSTOMPRINT
    Special Price US$0.17 Regular Price US$0.19
  8. RFID UHF 860-960MHz EPC 96-bit Laundry Button Tag ... SKU : BUTUHFLAUNDRY
    Special Price US$0.84 Regular Price US$0.93
  9. Audio interface RFID HF 14443A NFC mini reader wri... SKU : RH06
    Special Price US$50.40 Regular Price US$56.00
  10. 8.2MHz EAS Tag BH12 R50(without pin) SKU : BH12R50
    Special Price US$0.04 Regular Price US$0.05
  11. 8.2MHz EAS Tag BH17 BH19 Mini Golf (Smooth) with p... SKU : BH17MiniGolfSmooth
    Special Price US$0.05 Regular Price US$0.06
  12. 8.2MHz EAS Tag BH18 Midi Golf (Groove) with pin SKU : BH18MidiGolfGroove
    Special Price US$0.05 Regular Price US$0.06
  13. 8.2MHz EAS Tag BH23 Tao 50 with pin SKU : BH23Tao50
    Special Price US$0.06 Regular Price US$0.07
  14. 8.2MHz EAS Tag BH X50 with pin SKU : BHX50
    Special Price US$0.07 Regular Price US$0.08
  15. Hot Sale Black NFC Mobile Phone Connection Unlock ... SKU : 32830272665
    Special Price US$19.98 Regular Price US$22.20
  16. Newest version proxmark3 develop suit 3 Kits proxm... SKU : 32657089273
    Special Price US$75.02 Regular Price US$83.36
  17. Jakcom R3F Smart Ring For NFC Electronics SmartPho... SKU : 32847267564
    Special Price US$16.98 Regular Price US$18.87
  18. Jakcom R3 Waterproof Smart Ring NFC Mobile Phone S... SKU : 32869161903
    Special Price US$18.00 Regular Price US$19.99
  19. JAKCOM TIMER R2 NFC Smart Health Wearable Devices ... SKU : 32875011512
    Special Price US$15.99 Regular Price US$17.77
  20. TIMER Jakcom R3 Smart Ring Magic NFC Wireless Func... SKU : 32796775955
    Special Price US$14.99 Regular Price US$16.66
  21. NFC Lock Smart Nail Sticker Decal Christmas 3D Des... SKU : 32830830413
    Special Price US$3.69 Regular Price US$4.10
  22. Jakcom Smart Ring Wear Convenient R3 R3F Timer2 (M... SKU : 32832918615
    Special Price US$16.80 Regular Price US$18.67
  23. HF tamperproof protection wet inlay SKU : HFtamperproofwetinlay
    Special Price US$0.33 Regular Price US$0.37
  24. Vehicle Windshield Tag SKU : RFIDTagMONOETCTrucktraceOEM-UY140220C
    Special Price US$0.50 Regular Price US$0.56
  25. NFC tag driver license printable tag double side P... SKU : NFCLICENSE
    Special Price US$1.61 Regular Price US$1.79
  26. NFC Tamper Proof anti-counterfeiting RFID Food Lab... SKU : RFIDFoodLabel
    Special Price US$0.08 Regular Price US$0.09
  27. RD170091 HF NFC Fragile Anti-Counterfeit Traceabil... SKU : RFIDLiquorLabel
    Special Price US$0.50 Regular Price US$0.56
  28. Liquor wine alcohol tamper detection nfc tag SKU : RFIDLiquorLabel-1
    Special Price US$0.50 Regular Price US$0.56
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