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Hot Sale Black NFC Mobile Phone Connection Unlock Pay Program Lock Link Shar Screen Unlock Smart Int


Hot Sale Black NFC Mobile Phone Connection Unlock Pay Program Lock Link Shar Screen Unlock Smart Intelligent Ring for Smartphone...

Product Description:
This intelligence ring is through wireless radio frequency communication technology and the entrance guard, read-write equipment such as mobile phone connection, and unlock, pay, mobile phone features operation and share data well can be worn electronic products, product appearance design according to the international popular element, healthy modules within the original ring, can regulate and improve the function of the body to choose medical level of liquid tungsten gold, without any external power, high waterproof performance, suitable for all people to be used in any environment.Smart Ring Functions as follows:
- Program lock
- Automatic Running
- Magic business card
- Whisper
- Start hide
- Link sharing
- Network disk sharing
- The key of Intelligent door
- Screen unlock

Features Instruction:
1. NXP-Smart CDX
①The “I” and “II” Letters area is equipped with new dual-core NXP-MCU chipset.
②It allows you to easily get rid of those sundry and boring traditional square or buckle style of induction card and effortlessly pass all kinds of places from now on.

2.NXP-NTAG 21x
①The “NFC” Letters area carries a new NXP' smart NFC chip.
②It has 106 KB/s data transmission, and 100,000 cycles of writing operation durability degree, can store data for 10 years, and effectively guarantee the safety and stability of the data.
③Besides, it brings top speed operation experience to the following mobile NFC features.

3.Private Note
Save all kind of private information to this Smart Ring ,For example ,Schedule,Accounts,Memo ,etc. And set the Ring Touch action to be the only way of View or Edit.

4. Mobile Phone Lock
set screen lock and APP lock randomly and let ring become the only key to your privacy.

5. Quick Start
Quick start multi-function scene mode, release the hands with high efficiency.

6. Share Information
Touch to share “Card”, “Website link", and “Message & pictures", and pass on information effortlessly, efficiently and specially.

7. Magic Business Card
The first NFC device in the world which can share IMAGE and TEXT card information, is compatible with Android and WP mobile phones.

8. Whisper
The produce is the fist device in the world which can add 6 images and 2000 characters to a piece of NFC codeword. Enable “Delete after reading” function, and is compatible with all Android and WP mobile phones.

9. No Need Battery Charging
①Each group of chip is equipped with wireless receiving module, which can rapidly acquire the electromagnetic wave energy of the read-write equipment and efficiently turn it into electricity the chip needs, and then drive each chip to work properly.
②It can make you forget the recharging and wiring harness, and use it at any time.

10. Waterproof Dust-proof And Fall-proof
IP68 waterproof level, dustproof and excellent resistance to fall and rolling resistance can be competent to the application requirements of any occasion.

Material: Amorphous Titanium Alloy, FIR Energy Stone, Volcanic Magnet
Color: Black (Note: The effect pictures are only reference, the color of smart ring we are sold is black.)
Ring Size: 7(54mm), 8(57.1mm), 9(60mm), 10(62.8mm), 11(66mm), 12(70mm)
Thickness: 1.8mm
Wireless Distance: 1.5cm
Waterproof Grade: IP68
Carrier Frequency: 13.56MHZ
Operating Temperature Range: -50℃ ~ +80℃
Compatible With: All the Android and WP mobile phones with NFC function

Package Include:
1x Smart Ring
1x Clear Storage Box

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