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RFID 860-960 Mhz Equipment

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  1. Portable Bluetooth+USB UHF RFID reader card reader... SKU : MZUHFBTD
    Special Price US$134.40 Regular Price US$149.33
    Out of stock
  2. RFID UHF EPC 96-bit UHF dual-channel dual antenna ... SKU : HY201
    Special Price US$302.40 Regular Price US$336.00
  3. RFID UHF 860-960 MHz Mid-range 5M Reader Writer EP... SKU : HY101
    Special Price US$92.40 Regular Price US$102.67
  4. RFID UHF Full Range 860-960 MHz Mid-range 12M Read... SKU : HY102
    Special Price US$168.00 Regular Price US$186.67
  5. RFID UHF Desktop Reader Writer Server Multi-Tag RS... SKU : HY107S1
    Special Price US$84.00 Regular Price US$93.33
  6. RFID UHF 4 Port Reader Station long range passive ... SKU : HY406
    Special Price US$504.00 Regular Price US$560.00
  7. RFID Based Intelligent Wine Drawer Refrigerator UH... SKU : ZKWINEDRAW
    Special Price US$134.40 Regular Price US$149.33
  8. RFID UHF 860-960 MHz EPC Reader Writer Portable De... SKU : HY9816UBT
    Special Price US$109.20 Regular Price US$121.33
  9. RFID UHF EPC Desktop Reader/Writer RS232 SKU : HY106
    Special Price US$112.53 Regular Price US$125.04
  10. RFID UHF EPC Single Channel Reader Station Externa... SKU : HY103S
    Special Price US$135.04 Regular Price US$150.04
  11. RFID UHF EPC 4 CH Reader Station External Antenna ... SKU : HY401
    Special Price US$495.14 Regular Price US$550.16
    Out of stock
  12. RFID UHF EPC 4 CH Reader Station External Antenna ... SKU : HY403
    Special Price US$630.18 Regular Price US$700.20
    Out of stock
  13. RFID UHF EPC Handheld Portable Reader Keypad GSM 3... SKU : HY186
    Special Price US$922.76 Regular Price US$1,025.29
  14. RFID UHF EPC 860-960MHz Gate Channel Reader Scanne... SKU : HY808
    Special Price US$2,925.84 Regular Price US$3,250.93
  15. UHF Durable High Temperature On Metal Tag High Per... SKU : ABSMetalTag
    Special Price US$3.36 Regular Price US$3.73
  16. RFID UHF Desktop USB reader writer EPC Free SDK HY... SKU : HY105
    Special Price US$36.79 Regular Price US$40.88
  17. 5-6 meters Long range EPC GEN2 R2000 uhf handheld ... SKU : 33040015780
    Special Price US$772.80 Regular Price US$858.67
  18. 9005hid超高频桌面发卡器免驱电子标签9... SKU : HJ9005HID
    Special Price US$50.40 Regular Price US$56.00
  19. HJ9005S超高频远距离UHF RFID915M读写器G2?... SKU : HJ9005S
    Special Price US$47.04 Regular Price US$52.27
  20. Micro RFID Electronic Card Reader USB Port Support... SKU : HC-PHR
    Special Price US$58.80 Regular Price US$65.33
  21. RFID UHF USB desktop Reader and Writer 902~928MH... SKU : JRD1902
    Special Price US$25.20 Regular Price US$28.00
  22. RFID UHF High Performance 4-Channel Fixed Reader S... SKU : HY407
    Special Price US$594.00 Regular Price US$660.00
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23 Items

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