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RFID Antenna

How RFID Works

An RFID system consists of three parts: a scanning antenna, an RFID tag which includes all of the information about a product, and a reader which decodes and interprets data on a tag. These three pieces fit into a process where:

  • Data is first stored in an RFID tag in either a read-only or read-write format. The tag is either battery powered or passive.
  • When the tag comes within range of a scanning antenna, electromagnetic (EM) energy triggers the tag to start sending data in the form of radio waves.
  • These radio waves are picked up by the antenna and send to the reader which decodes the waves as digital information.

RFID Antenna

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  1. RFID UHF Gain 8dBi Antenna 865-867/902-928 MHz Ext... SKU : HYANT8DB
    Special Price US$30.24 Regular Price US$33.60
  2. 2m length rfid coil small antenna cable for test m... SKU : HY909T
    Special Price US$6.72 Regular Price US$7.47
  3. SMA connector 7x7cm passive 900mhz epc gen2 uhf re... SKU : ZKANTC7070
    Special Price US$16.80 Regular Price US$18.67
  4. RFID UHF 860-960MHz Board Antenna 44x44 Long Range... SKU : HY12DB
    Special Price US$90.03 Regular Price US$100.03
  5. RFID UHF Circular Polarized Flat Plate Plane Anten... SKU : UHF5DBFLAT
    Special Price US$78.77 Regular Price US$87.53
    Out of stock
  6. RFID UHF 860-960MHz Intelligent Master Multiplexer... SKU : HY909M
    Special Price US$292.58 Regular Price US$325.09
  7. RFID UHF 860-960 MHz Intelligent Slave Multiplexer... SKU : ZK-RFID909-S
    Special Price US$123.79 Regular Price US$137.54
  8. high performance 13.56MHz HF RFID ISO15693 organic... SKU : CFRA1001
    Special Price US$147.03 Regular Price US$163.37
  9. 5 dBI Long Stip UHF RFID Reader Antenna with SMA ... SKU : JT682
    Special Price US$58.02 Regular Price US$64.46
  10. 2018 New English verison N2061SA UV RFID Vector Im... SKU : RFANALYZER
    Special Price US$300.08 Regular Price US$333.42
  11. 5dBi PCB UHF RFID 902-928M Antenna 5cmX5cm SKU : 32810774165
    Special Price US$9.40 Regular Price US$10.45
  12. 868MHz antenna omni fiberglass antenna 10dBi outdo... SKU : 32694420721
    Special Price US$49.87 Regular Price US$55.42
  13. RFID 868mhz helical antenna 14dBi Circular Polariz... SKU : 32829800440
    Special Price US$95.03 Regular Price US$105.59
  14. Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna -15dBi 31x... SKU : CYAN02
    Special Price US$158.05 Regular Price US$175.61
  15. CHAFON RFID UHF 8dBi RFID Circular polarization An... SKU : CFRA8001
    Special Price US$26.51 Regular Price US$29.45
  16. 5.5dBi 902~928MHz circular uhf rfid chip and anten... SKU : CFRA5003
    Special Price US$20.00 Regular Price US$22.22
  17. 902-928 MHz circular 7dBi gain rfid uhf reader ant... SKU : CFANT7
    Special Price US$26.89 Regular Price US$29.88
  18. CHAFON UHF 5dbi rfid antenna 865-868mhz / 902-928m... SKU : CFANT5
    Special Price US$45.03 Regular Price US$50.03
  19. RFID 134.2KHz module FDX-B FDXB ISO 11784 with ext... SKU : UHF11784ANT1
    Special Price US$20.16 Regular Price US$22.40
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