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Desktop HID Card Reader RFID 125KHZ Reader USB

Desktop HID Card Reader RFID 125KHZ Reader USB


Reader/Writer/Copy/Clone 125khz ID and  HID  cards OR tags.

1, size ( Dimension ): 71*117 *31mm

2, the power supply ( Power ): two in number seven batteries, Two Piece AAA battery.( Battery Not Including )

3, the indicating lamp ( working status Led ) : three work indicating lamp, Read, Power, Write

4, button ( Button ): Read button ( Read Button ), write button ( Write Button ).

A, will switch to ON position, Power indicates a second flashed exhibit of lanterns.

( Switch On, Power Led should flash one second. )

B, placed to copy the card in the card reading area

( Put a card what should be copied in Read Area )

C, press the Read button, read card Read indicating exhibit of lanterns flash, and the buzzer will ring;

( Press Read Button, If Read oK Read Led should flash and Beep sounds )

D, place a piece of the need to write the card in the card, press the Write button keep, about one second, a buzzer sounds. Said copy success, such as more than two seconds without noise, please adjust the card position or change a writable card copy.

( Put a card should write, Press Write Button and keep press, about one second, if Beep a sound means Copy succeed )

E, if you want to copy more same ID or HID card, repeat steps " D "

( If want write more card same ID or HID , repeat D )

D, please don't will switch to the off position

( Switch Off for save Power )

This product in 2010 for a new generation of products, support multiple types of cards

The company to provide the corresponding copy buckle

HID card copy machine)! Make sure your card is an HID or ID card or EM card, IC card can not be copied

      Package include:

  • 1 x new HID card Copier ( If you need extra HID card please contact with us to add cost )

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With Built-in Battery No
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