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RF Wireless Security Code Scanner Grabber 315 & 433 MHz for Home Security Alarm Troubleshoot


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RF Wireless Security Code Scanner Grabber 315 & 433 MHz for Home Security Alarm Troubleshoot
Model : OK890


Essential tool for security alarm and RF professional
Troubleshoot false alarm
Identify the source of signal interference
Versatile and powerful tool, able to learn many chips
Can identify, record and verify signals learnt

* This scanner is not intended for open car so this function is not guaranteed.

This product is a unique instrument for security professionals. It can detect and decode RF wireless signal of 315 MHz amd 433 MHz so enable technicians to handle a lot of technical tasks and troubleshooting.
● Compatible with 315MHz and 433MHz detecting and decoding dual-frequency in one unit.
● User friendly and easy to use
● Can read wide range of RF chips and automatically identifies a variety of chip (fixed code, learning code, rolling code), display code information providing that the code is not encrypted.
● Automatic rate adaptive chip oscillation resistance, resistance and display signal cycle or displays the actual conversion of the oscillation resistance, not rough displays several limited resistance
● Chip-level edit internal code information (optional encoding, modify the chip model, modify the resistance, modify the address, modify the key code)
● High stability, high sensitivity long distance, super strong anti-jamming
● LCD Display, operation simple and user-friendly
● All functions can be accessed through a user-friendly menu
● Auto-save of signal learnt, and save up to 35 records
● Can resend or trigger the signal directly from scanner memory directly, no need to duplicate code with additional device, no loss of data even power disconnected
● Adjustable backlight mode (automatic power save mode)
● Built-in antenna
● Can detect wireless signal from tens of meters without obstacle in between.
  • Operating frequency: 315MHz and 433MHz (dual-band dual standby, other frequencies can be customized)
  • No single device can manipulate all kinds of wireless RF signal in the world, but this unique device has been able to detect and decode a handful number of wireless chips (this is automatically recognition), here the updated list:
    • PT2262 and PT2264 
    • SC2260
    • CS5211
    • PT2282, and PT2240
    • eV1527
    • RT1527
    • FP527
    • HS527
    • SCL1527
    • MC145026
    • AX5326
    • VD5026
    • SMC926, SMC918
    • PLC168
    • HCS300, HCS301 and HCS201
    • And other compatible chip of above (because manufacturers different prefix may not as, digital part same can).
  • Though this model has support many wireless chipset, but just not all in the world. If in doubt, please contact us and mention the chipset model you're going to work with before order lest your chipset is not supported by the scanner - though the scanner has supported many chipsets.
  • Receiver sensitivity: better than -115 dbm
  • Data rate: wide range of Adaptive
  • Input voltage: 9-12V (operate on AC adapter)
  • Operating current: 17 mA
  • Size: 135 x 70 x 25mm
  • This instrument operates on AC adapter. In case you want it to be portable, you can order from us another package with portable rechargeable battery. Then you can carry your device for outdoor and portable use.
  • NEW model with built-in backup battery is available. However, due to rejection of Lithium battery from regular airmail, we don't guarantee the new version with battery could be shipped (but we will try and depends on our assessment to the situation of postal service.
  • 1 x scanner
  • 1 x power adapter (US or EU, AU or UK power adapter, please mention your need when order )
  • 2 x remote control for test ( 1 x 315 MHz and 1 x 433 MHz )
* Manual can be provided for reference upon request.

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Customer Reviews

can't find out how to copy what code to the remote controler? Review by techshopboy
This is not copier, it just a code scanner. You can either
1) save the code learnt in memory (up to 30) and press trigger button to generate the code: or
2) purchase another identical blank remote control, manually set the code as the scanner learnt.
(Posted on 10/5/14)
Battery rejected by regular air mail Review by techshopboy
Unluckily due to security consideration, batteries are again rejected by worldwide air mail courier service, therefore, though new version of the device is not in market, but we will ship version without battery in order to comply with regulation (unless otherwise requested by buyer with special arrangement). (Posted on 8/21/14)
Backup battery Review by techshopboy
Now new model with built-in battery is also available, so the code grabber becomes portable. (Posted on 4/26/14)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Hello I am looking devices for opening garage doors only. Not cars. I will work on the device in the EU mainly in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Holland. Therefore, it is very important to me that the device was tested on the European market. Please reply if you have something to offer. Regards,

A. Thanks for your interest. There is not a single universal device for everything, you need to make sure what kind of chips you are going to deal with as start.

Q. Hello what's the price

A. we can offer discount for partner if you can promise a volume purchase.

Q. Can it read my home security alarm code

A. If your alarm panel manufactured in China, this scanner most likely works.

Q. How do I pay? Is this even real

A. yes, this is 100% real, please take confidence to order from our website, it is secured transaction, this product will be shipped via DHL.

Q. Does it open cars ? vw audi skoda ? (2008-2010) ?

A. It is not used to open car, but only used for troubleshooting of remote control for wireless alarm system produced in China.

Q. Hello, do you have video, how it works? Can i use it to scan the gate or garage door signal and open later with it? As in video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhvIP2Yeapw Thanks

A. yes, please review our official product page for video of demo

Q. can straight use machine opening door?

A. no. it must read the original code and store first, this can only be done if you have the original remote keyfob. Please note this is a machine for troubleshooting/backup, it can only clone/backup/copy, but not discover.

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