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We offer state-of-art RFID solution and full range of physical security equipment

We offer state-of-art RFID solution to various industries, not to mention our most familiar security industry.

Our RFID product line is richest among other providers.

We provides full range of RFID products from LF, to HF, to UHF. We provide both reading and writing devices and a variety of tags. We can also provide software development support on various major platform including C#, PHP, JAVA on both Linux and Windows platform.

Regarding physical security, we are providing full range of relevant equipment, make sure our clients can build the best security solution at a cost-effective plan. Whenever you want, our professional security consultant can help your security design. We have the top-notched professional with certificate of PSP from industrial leading ASIS International. Therefore, you should be confident of having us as one of your support at the back.

What is ASIS?

What is PSP (Physical Security Professional)?