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Security and Protection Solution for House

This solution is particularly designed for houses and low-rise buildings in village in Hong Kong.


There are growing concern on the security in suburb area of Hong Kong recently. There are increasing number of break-ins and thelves that have arouse the concern of owners of those kinds of housing with lower level of security and easier accessible by thefts.

The solution is designed by security professional with considering the unique environment and needs.

The advantages of this solution:

  • Low cost
  • Simple but effective solution
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible for expansion
  • Reliable
  • Latest technologies

Additional services:

  • The above solution is designed as assuming owner will install themselves without involvement of technicians. However, we can still provide various levels of support service including onsite installation if required. Quotation is suggested upon request.
  • In case the standard solution seems not meeting your expectation, you want something more advanced or thorough, we can provide consulting service with onsite assessement by professional.