Free Shipping Now for Selected Valuable Customers from Asian Countries

Full Range of Shipping Agents and Shipping Protection

Our International Shipping Arrangement

We co-operate with all major shipping agencies in order to provide the best shipping solution to our clients. More importantly, we care the safety of parcel to our clients make sure the shipping is smooth and safe. Therefore, all our parcels basically includes a insurance to damage and loss.

  • DHL
  • FedEX
  • UPS
  • China Post
  • Singapore Post
  • Swedish Post
  • Hong Kong Post
  • EMS

We promise to use the most cost-effective and safest mode of shipping for our clients, unluckily, once we pass your parcel to our trustworthy shipping agent, it is out of our control honestly. What we can do is keeping track your parcel and have your protected by our insurance previously bought. And if the parcel unluckily come behind schedule, it may take time to have everything clarified to draw conclusion.

In this light, we hope you understand the procedure and reality.

Firstly, we would like to have your trust that we are genuine and honest seller. You have shipped your items out within an acceptable time-frame (unless we have informed you about special schedule in due course) and with proper protection and highest level of carefulness.

Secondly, we hope you agree that, as this is an international shipment, something definitely will be out of our control and outcome may be un-expected.

Insurance is provided

Thirdly, your purchase is protected and we have protected it by insurance. It is just a matter of time for any administrative procedure to have issue fixed.

Tracking of Shipping Status

However, in most cases, the situation is actually not so complicated and prolonged. We can co-operate to have things settled quickly.

May I suggest a few steps for troubleshooting?

1) Have the tracking no. given by us on hand. We basically will have it uploaded on your purchase platform. If not found, contact us for it.

* please note all orders below $10 in total may not ship with tracking number; don't mind, but I must tell you the reality there is no FREE lunch in the world, only $10 for the product in most case not enough to cover the cost of an additional tracking number from postal office.

2) Have your tracking number search on If you can find the number there, it is valid and the parcel is on the way.

* mostly the status may show you only the reception and dispatch of parcels, please no need to feel strange if there is no update for weeks.

3) Some couriers can provide detail of status, e.g. Hong Kong Post, USPS, etc. You can go to their website for a specific check.

For Hong Kong Post Tracking System, see if there is any update.

For USPS, see

* please take noted most overseas post office will not update the status online, so depends on your country, most parcels will show only a status of left Hong Kong (without saying it is delivered because it is never updated by destination post office).

4) In addition, you should also ask custom for this parcel. They may have sent you a notice, but missed. Contact them directly with the tracking no.

* We can do step (2), (3) and (4) above for you, but we have to do it via our local post office as a middle-man, that takes quite a long time, so if you can do it locally, we can find the result faster.

5) If not found the parcel, please contact us, we'll file a lost request for parcel right away via post office.

Then let's wait for either the parcel show up or the post office can confirm from destination post office that the parcel has been lost.

** we must say recently the shipping service is increasingly slower, this is not just we said but eBay also change its delivery policy to accommodate this out of control increase of shipping time.