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Why we are your Trustful Partner

Organizations of all kinds face a wide variety of physical security threats, including theft, vandalism, violence and, in some cases, even terrorism. Best-fit solution is most likely an integration of various security technology, such as video surveillance and access control systems, RFID, etc only that can help to our clients best to deter and detect such threats, enabling end users to respond to and investigate incidents as quickly and effectively as possible.

However, finding the right security solution for a given facility is no easy task, and installation can be a complicated process. In particular, for small and medium size technical companies liked us with specific areas of expertise. SImply we cannot do all and that’s why effective collaboration becomes a winning factor for our business. We Secuirty-Warehouse acts as a value-added resellers (VARs) like yours have become so valuable partner in the physical security space.

Among so many players in the market, we count down the seven top benefits of working with us on a physical security plan.

1. Best-in-class products.

We have the connections and experience within the security industry to make important system design decisions. Partnering with a professional helps customers ensure that they wind up with best-in-class products that are designed to be reliable, effective and easy-to-use. As a VAR, you can help your customers find the best products for their unique needs—without the expensive and time-consuming trial and error that often comes with DIY systems. We can help you in design of solution and sourcing of the most cost-effective hardware as well as software to fulfill your need.

2. Seamless integration with other systems.

Standalone systems don’t always readily integrate with each other. Most end users require professional help to make sure that their various devices and feature sets—including video surveillance, access control, video analytics and more—work well together. Without close integration, security operators often must manually search through various systems, cope with false and missed alarms, and spend an unnecessary amount of time on tasks that could be automated. We hold industrial top-notched certification and have years of experience working with a variety of projects, we will be at the best position to support your project.

3. Comprehensive coverage.

When end users go the DIY route, they can easily overlook a security vulnerability or two. VARs are adept at designing physical security plans that take into account every possible threat. End users who go it alone often don’t know what they’re overlooking until after an incident occurs.

4. Online technical material.

DIY systems leave the user on their own when it comes to figuring out how to operate and troubleshoot each device. Many of today’s security systems are highly complicated—especially as features such as video analytics, license plate recognition and biometric identification are added. VARs can help end users ensure they are using their security technology to its full potential by providing training, both at the time of the installation and on an as-needed basis. We are building full-wedged online platform offering rich technical information round the clock.

5. Easy installation.

For many users, even those security systems that are designed to be “plug-and-play” can be a challenge during the installation process. Today’s security devices are very complex, and most end users want to know that their installation was done correctly—and without unnecessary delays or expenses. Our products are selected on a user-friendly consideration.

6. Service and support.

DIY systems may come with a manufacturer’s warrantee, but end users must go it alone when it comes to ongoing service and support. By partnering with us, they can take advantage of their troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services.

7. A plan for updating and scaling the system.

Security technology changes all the time, as new devices are developed and new capabilities emerge. That means that your customers’ physical security plan will change over the years, and that evolution requires a carefully-considered plan for updating and scaling each system.

By partnering with us, customers can rest assured that their system will suit their needs now and in the future. This benefit is especially important for users who still have some analog technology, and are gradually transitioning to IP, as well as those who foresee needing to grow their system in the coming years.

What other benefits would you add to this list? What are some of your top tips for “selling” your services to potential customers?