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All of your purchase are basically assumed the first year warranty. On top, our warranty and maintenance programme may provide more than that simple one year warranty.

One most required service by our clients lies in maintenance and repair work. We see utmost important and are committed to provide as possible no matter when you want. However, as you would expect the current business environment is highly competitive, our competitive pricing strategy makes our profit margin terribly thin, we have no choices but imposes some rules on exercising our warranty to make sure our healthy operation.

Terms and conditions:

  • If no mention, the warranty is the first year from date of purchase.
  • Warranty is void if the product has been manipulated without our consent in advance.
  • Our warranty can cover only labour cost and natural deterioration of electronics.
  • Physical damage due to improper handling of equipment may be requested extra charge for replacing parts.
  • DOA (dealt on arrival) is only accepted upon arrival. It is not reasonable to say item arrived not working, say, after 3 months of delivery.
  • Shipping charge is always the expenses of buyers.
  • Contact us before sending back your item.