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16 Wired 16 Wireless Zones Home Security Burglar Alarm with Keypad GSM PSTN Dual Mode Dialer Ademco CID


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16 Wired 16 Wireless Zones Home Security Burglar Alarm with Keypad GSM PSTN Dual Mode Dialer Ademco CID
Model : LM1616G



  • Use of state-of-art chipset and central processing unit.
  • A rich variety of wired and wireless detectors can be supported.
  • Wired and wireless supported. 16 wired zone and 16 wireless zones.
  • Support multiple keyboards.
  • Support keyboard dis-connect alert.
  • Event log accessible from keyboard.
  • Support Contact ID and Ademco 4+2
  • Support 7 modes of arming: Home, Away, Perimeter, Single Zone, Delay, Scheduled, Forced and Remote Controlled.
  • Support 5 modes of disarming: Single Zone, Keyboard Password, Remote Control, Dial-in and Central Monitoring Station.
  • 5types of alarm zones: Instant, Delay, 24-hours, Perimeter and Buffered Area.
  • Support GSM and PSTN dual network auto-dialer
  • Support up to 6 groups of telephone number for alert.
  • Support up to 3 groups of telephone number to monitor centre.
  • Support dial-in remote control.
  • Support dial-out reporting to monitoring centre with pre-recorded voice message up to 20 seconds.
  • Support dial-in control of siren.
  • Siren time length is adjustible.
  • 4 groups of phone call and 1 group central station.
  • Two levels of security including administrator and operator passwords.
  • Tampering alert for telephone cord cut.
  • Pre-emptive dialing out for alarming if telephone line is shared used.
  • Built-in watchdog for self-system monitoring, self-test interval adjustible from 0 to 99 hours.
  • Power outage and low-voltage notification.
  • Support noisy and silent alarming.
  • Delay arming up to 255 seconds


  • System for professionals, fit for business and bigger scale installation.


  • Input voltage : 220V AC (110V optional offered)
  • Power: < 1.5W
  • Siren Output: 12V 400mA or above
  • Output voltage : 16.5V DC
  • Frequency for wireless accessories: 315 MHz
  • Connections for wired accessories: both NC and NO configurable.
  • Maximum length of keyboard installation: 150 Meters
  • Maximum number of keyboard supported: 4
  • Maximum length of siren alarming: 20 minutes
  • Operation temperature : -10 ~ 55
  • Humidity : 40% ~ 70%
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Dimension of system board: 240 x 130 x 70mm
  • Dimension of keyboard: 159 x 138 x 33mm
  • Dimension of Housing:255 x 235 x 70mm


  • 1 x Control Panel
  • 1 x Power Adapter 220V AC to 16.5V AC
  • 1 x 2.7K Ohms Resistor Pack
  • 1 x Keyboard
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Mounting Kit including phone cord and antenna

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