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3G Version Brand New Code / Keypad Wireless GSM audio Door Phone Intercom for Smart SMS Door lock re

3G Version Brand New Code / Keypad Wireless GSM audio Door Phone Intercom for Smart SMS Door lock remote release and SMS alarm...



GSM Intercom - GSM Apartment

Brand New Code / Keypad Wireless GSM audio Door Phone Intercom

Smart SMS Door lock remote release and SMS alarm

Power input: DC12V
Inside board support the rechargeable Lion battery (3.7V) for power off alarm

Totally 20 House volume and each family can preset two Number for interphone talking

When visitor coming,just press the House number and #, then will start to dial the preset number,then can start the audio talk and also can remote door lock release with the pressing on the mobile phone keypad.

For this order unit, Maximum support House user is 20 House  and each house and preset two phone numbers for visitor calling

For this order,that is 3G Version, we will send different version according to the shipping address

Double Relay output
Double Alarm input port
About GSM intercom for Apartment interphone talking with visitor -----------
When a visitor arrives, they push the call button and the unit generates a high quality audio call to up to 2 numbers to announce their presence. Should the person taking the call wish to allow entry, they simply push the button on their telephone handset to release the on board relay.
Allows 200 phone numbers to call the system for free to trigger the on-board relay to activate gates or doors
Not only is this system offering two way speech, Caller ID access control allows known numbers to call the unit. When the call arrives, it is immediately dropped and if the number is known, the gates or door is released.
Ideal for using mobile phones instead of \'key-fobs\' in that up to 200 users can operate the gates in this way.
Simple to install, setup and operate
Even during talking ,can press the button on the mobile phone keypad to release the gate opener for visitor.

Inside recharageable battery for working and alarm when power off and the battery would be charaged automatically when normal power supply working again. also if the battery volume is low,it will also send the alarm.



 GSM intercom Type: GSM-APARTMENT

Ideal for private house access controller

Appear to be home when you\'re not & never miss deliveries... Convenience and security! Anti-vandal GSM Intercoms for flats, apartments or offices. Heavy duty GSM Door Entry and Intercoms.

Support GSM remote ulnock, remote alarm, remote intercom, remote recording by phone SMS. 

Visitor audio (voice) call button

  • Remote solar powered emergency telephone call point using GSM.
  • Innovation Water proof lock design
  • Dials out when a user presses the call button.
  • Will ring up to 2 telephone numbers in sequence, mobiles or landline telephones.
  • Vandal resistant design, tough stainless steel call point, with flexible polycarbonate solar panel which will not crack or break.
  • No screw used for the front panel mounting
  • Lock for easy mounting and safety
  • Double relay output for optional easy control the gate opener or alarm parts
  • Remote control the relay output through the key pad pressing while talking with visitor
  • Whole body rain proof design

Innovative KEY LOCK from front panel. very safety design
Unlimited range wire free GSM intercom, Push button to talk with visitor
Authorized telephone number to open the gate,GSM-KEY function built inside
Professional industrial grade GSM engine
Up to 200 telephone number storage to allow automatic access by the calling and SMS



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