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7 Inch 5 In 1 H.265 4K HD CCTV Tester Monitor AHD CVI TVI CVBS IP 5M 4M HDMI In Rapid ONVIF WIFI UT


7 Inch 5 In 1 H.265 4K HD CCTV Tester Monitor AHD CVI TVI CVBS IP 5M 4M HDMI In Rapid ONVIF WIFI UTP 5V 12V 24V POE Output...

Mode: IPC-XACT 7"  Five In One  IP  HD CCTV tester monitor PTZ control IP Discovery, WIFI  Rapid ONVIF. HDMI In

IP+CVBS analog +AHD 4MP max+CVI 4MP max+TVI 5MP camera tester  

H.265 4K H.264 IP camera display support Rapid onvif

5V 12V 24V POE output. HDMI Input  UTP Cable tester


Product Highlights

Support external mobile hard disk, mouse, can be used as a small video recorder

Exclusive support 24V DC output, can give the ball machine power supply

Support H265 4K HD camera main stream image

Users can download and install their own android client program, support QQ WeChat installation



IPC9610S Basic Product Features:

1. 7-inch 1280 × 800 high-definition IPS full-angle full-color LCD display.

2. Capacitive touch + key operation, multiple optional operation.

3. Support H264 4K, H265 4K HD camera main stream directly out of the image. new function

4. USB HOST all the way to an external mouse, U disk, mobile hard disk. new function

5. The new main interface design, operation more simple and more efficient.

6.IP detection speed version, faster, more accurate, the entire network of IP blind measurement, intelligent identification of the camera is completed.

7. Speed ONVIF seconds out of the image, faster, more compatible.  HDMI input,  UTP Cable tester

8. Speed ONVIF can modify the camera IP, image parameters, stream, resolution.

9.ONVIF server, can be used as a network ONVIF camera can be used to test the video recorder. new function

10. Support a key batch activation Hai Kang camera, batch modify IP, support modify the channel name. new function

11. Users can download and install their own applications, such as QQ, WeChat and so on. new function

12. Support four kinds of external power supply DC5V DC12V DC24V PoE .new function

13. Support the creation of new features of WIFI hotspot function    new function

14. Support the camera private agreement customization.

15. Built-in wireless WIFI function, you can test the wireless network camera, network update software.

16. All video can take pictures, video, playback.

17. Support network PTZ PTZ control function, gesture operation control PTZ rotation

18.CVBS analog video image display, PTZ PTZ control, image zoom, camera, video, playback

19. Battery capacity 7.4V 5000mA 

20.  AHD CVI 720p 960p 1080p 3mp 4mp  TVI3.0 5MP 4MP 3MP 1080P 960P 720P     

21. Optional UTP test、 SCAN test

22. Optional TDR test

23. Optional OPM

24. Optional VFL

25. Optional 7000mA battery

Product parameters table


Product number


touch screen

7 inch G + G structure capacitive screen

LCD screen

7-inch resolution 1280 × 800 IPS high-definition full view

Ethernet port

10 / 100M adaptive


Built-in wireless WIFI, speed 150M

IP monitoring test

ONVIF tools, Dahua, Hai Kang, JOVISION, Xiongmai and other manufacturers special tools. Support mobile client installation, support H265 4K HD master stream test

CVBS test

1 way CVBS analog input, support PAL / NTSC standard adaptive

Video image zoom

Real-time zoom mobile high-definition video images, the maximum magnification of 5 times

Take pictures, video, playback

All video images support camera, video.

Supports H264/H265 4K encoded storage

Audio test

All the way to the audio input test, can be recorded audio, all the way audio output, can be used to connect headphones


For mobile phone charging, external mouse, U disk, mobile hard disk

DC 24V power output

12V DC output, the maximum current of 1A, for the ball machine to provide temporary power supply

DC 12V power output

12V DC output, the maximum current 2A, for the camera temporary power supply

POE power output

48V standard POE output to power the POE camera

RS485 serial port tool

Acceptable, send arbitrary data or hexadecimal data

PSE voltage test

Displays the POE power supply voltage and line conditions

DC 5V output

USB powered camera to provide temporary power or provide mobile phone emergency power supply, maximum 2A


DC 12V/2A




Chinese Simplified, Traditional Chinese, English

Internal SD storage space


Operating temperature


Working humidity






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