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EAS Anti-theft tag barcode 8.2MHz label sticker for supermarket

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EAS Anti-theft tag barcode 8.2MHz label sticker for supermarket

Name: barcode software standard 4 * 4cm

Frequency: 8.2mhz


1 can not be bent more than 90 degrees to the
2 can not be attached to a label on another tag
3 Do not put labels affixed metal or cell surface


This soft label applies to all 8.2M Hz RF anti-theft systems for supermarkets, cosmetic shops, video stores and other places use (generally recommended for use in non- commodity to install hard tag on), goods are generally used such as: shampoo , cosmetics, records, etc., a range of products. 

External soft label placement and precautions:
1, the soft label shall be affixed to the packaging of goods or merchandise, on a smooth clean surface, while maintaining the label straight, pay attention to appearance.
2, do not put labels on soft metal, foil or electronic products category above, or printed on the product packaging has an important place explanatory text, such as commodity ingredients, use, warning statements, dimensions and barcode, production date.
3, commodities curved surfaces, such as bottled cosmetics, liquor, washed with supplies, etc., can be directly pasted labels on soft arc. Pay attention to flat.
4, in order to prevent illegal torn label, the label uses a stick with a strong adhesive stickers. Be careful not to stick on leather goods, because if forcibly torn label, the surface of the product may be damaged.
Note: When installing the soft label can not be folded into the soft label posted, can not be installed on metallic commodities (such as milk).
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