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Panic Bar Lock Push Exit for Fire and Emergency Single Door Stainless 650cm

Panic Bar Lock Push Exit for Fire and Emergency Single Door Stainless 650cm

Name: fire-rated fire door flat push

Product description: mainly installed in public places, malls, workshops, warehouses, open escape way, a push from the inside to the outside that is open, regardless of Related around.

1, applies to crowd control, preventing unauthorized leave and to prevent theft, the buildings comply with building legislation on emergency exit channel device requirements.
2, only the use of personnel by hand or pushing any part of the body (pressure) will open the bar escape door open.
3, Emergency vegetables scattered access doors, no lock would not open, but also free access to anti-theft, provide 24-hour security protection daily.
4, suitable for any emergency access doors, emergency exit doors, fire doors, emergency exits, fire through the door.

Flat push escape door lock fire exits are widely used fire exit door controller, it sturdy structure, preventing outsiders from entering inside, people inside fire door to escape out the door in an emergency situation pushed down. Pushable escape door fire channel locks on fire doors are widely used in residential and industrial buildings.

Use escape lock characteristics:
1, mounted in various locations, all forms of evacuation of the emergency exit on an outer open fire doors, fire doors meet the need to use the evacuation.
2, in emergency situations, use of human instinctive action will normally closed fire door is opened to evacuate quickly escape.
3, the maximum to avoid at night, smoke or chaos, because they can not open the door leading to the risk of fire evacuation personnel can not escape.
4, in case of emergency, and alarm functions by the escape guidance sound, and voice.
5, play in restricting access, burglar alarm or anti-theft effect, required to achieve Class A fire resistance of fire doors.
Pushable escape door lock in use function fire channel into four main types: None linkage type fire alarm a plug lock safety, fire safety alarm linkage type flat push lock linkage type delay alarm level of fire safety push locks, access of formula fire safety alarm level to push the lock. According to the main structure is divided into two forms: a horizontal flat bolt type fire safety alarm for a single push-latching door: horizontal lock body, bolt world fire safety alarm level to push lock for double doors.

Body length 65CM (100CM, 80CM options are available upon request and extra cost)
material, stainless steel or painted

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Weight 1.000000
With Built-in Battery No
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