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Panic Exit Bar for Fire and Emergency Lock 650cm

Panic Exit Bar for Fire and Emergency Lock 650cm


JDY-800 panic bar (fire and emergence exit lock) is widely used in municipal buildings, airports, railway stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, places of entertainment, factories, warehouses and other places ( emergency exit ) escape on the door locks , it has to prevent unauthorized outsiders into the interior, while allowing insiders free to escape in case of emergency, will produce high-decibel alarm sounds when unauthorized use. The alarm can be switched off only by the correct password, this has very high demand from major shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and public places due to strict regulation by the fire department in recent years.


1: beautiful appearance, strong and durable structure (greatly reduced maintenance) of ( safety exit door ) channel locks.
2: Suitable for any emergency access doors, emergency exit doors, fire doors, emergency exits, fire exits door, in a variety of emergency situations, to take advantage of people's instinctive action will usually closed evacuation door open, quickly escape. To security, but also freedom to go out in case of emergency, provide 24-hour security protection daily.
3: JDY-800 network type fire channel locks, fire protection products have passed the China Quality Certification ( No: 2009-7621 ) Fire type test report ( Gn: 201 207 963 ), applied for dozens of national patents, in strict accordance with ROHS standard manufacturing, technology the highest standard fire rating requirements of all countries and regions worldwide
4: suitable for crowd control, preventing unauthorized leave and to prevent theft, the public buildings legislative requirements related to the emergency exit channel device.
5: When the push rod to open the door , the alarm sound i.e. , ( alarm sound up to 80 decibels ) , until a correct password is canceled.  
6: The channel locks can , select a connection access control, magnetic locks, alarm controller itself.
7: Size: 831mm * 105mm * 92mm duplex size: 172mm * 75mm * 80mm


1: provide when used independently continuously record protection; static year battery capacity; no additional maintenance and operating costs, blocking unauthorized entry and exit;
2: clear and prominent promoter configuration; provide durable, reliable and long service life, prevent unauthorized leave via the emergency exit door, reducing property theft opportunities;
3: solid stainless steel anti-saw bolt provides robust protection; Beyond can withstand 2200 pounds (1000 kilogram ) foreign tension; PINpad alarm set state, no alarm status, tamper alarm, the low voltage detection state;
4: push when this signal state gate; two-color LED display state; two-door provided with double doors blossom convenience.
Fourth, the technical parameters
01 , quiescent current <35 microamps, punch working current <40 mA, the maximum operating current <150 milliamperes
02 , 6V ( . 4 dry battery), external 12V power supply
03 , provides round-the-clock protection when used independently, one year battery capacity static
04 , the product of the output signals a set of normally open and a normally closed signal connection with the fire center or security center
05 , three signals are inputted hazard alarm signal, the fire alarm center and punch signals
06 , with the two-door provides convenient two-door blossom can withstand exceed 2200 pounds ( 1000 kg) of foreign Rally
07 , no additional maintenance and operating costs, blocking unauthorized and out
08 , preventing unauthorized passage through the emergency exit door to leave, reducing the chance of stolen property, etc.
09 , clearly visible promoter configuration
10 , durable, reliable and long service life
11 , anti-saw solid stainless steel bolt provides solid protection
12 , 650 mm standard ram, installation length: 835 mm, height 105 mm, width 93 mm
13 , JDY - 800 fire door lock mounting channel may be changed according to the total length of the actual length of the door

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